Autopsy Reveals STDs in Child

By : webadmin | on 1:07 PM January 12, 2013
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SP/Fana Fadzikrillahi

The 11 year-old girl who died in Jakarta following a sexual assault had sexually transmitted disease and other infectious diseases that led to her death, the Indonesia Child Protection Commission said.

“There were viral infections which can only be transmitted through sexual activity [found in the girl]. This means that the child was indeed a victim of a sexual assault,” said Muhammad Ihsan, the commission’s protection task force chief.

The commission, also known as the KPAI, on Friday staged a meeting with doctors from the Cipto Mangunkusumo hospital, which conducted an autopsy on the girl.

The child had been treated at Persahabatan Hospital in East Jakarta since Dec. 29 after suffering seizures. She died on Sunday.

Doctors found vaginal and rectal wounds on the fifth-grade student when they injected her with anti-seizure medicine.

Pediatrician Emma Nurhaema said that a CT scan revealed that the girl was suffering from a brain infection.

Ihsan said the doctors also found the girl to be infected with dengue fever and tuberculosis.

Doctors said that complications from psychological and physical trauma as well as the viral infections contributed to her deteriorating condition.

“These were triggers which led to a brain seizure,” the KPAI official said.

Police have detained one person in Parung, Bogor, who is believed to have sexually assaulted the 11-year-old.

“He used to be the victim’s neighbor and his family’s house is in Parung,” East Jakarta Police Chief Sr. Comr. Mulyadi Kaharni said earlier this week.

But Mulyadi said the neighbor was considered only a witness at this point.

Mulyadi said that police have identified five people as potential suspects for allegedly sexually abusing the girl.

The police narrowed the potential suspects to five people after questioning 16 witnesses, which included family members and neighbors, he added.

The KPAI is urging police to expedite its investigation, saying that the autopsy results should prove that a sexual assault has indeed occurred.

“The final [autopsy] result has not been forwarded to [police] investigators because there are a few lab tests needed to be conducted. But the hospital has sent its temporary result to the police,” he said.