Family of Arrested Crime Boss John Kei Will Report Police for Shooting

By : webadmin | on 8:46 AM February 20, 2012
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Zaky Pawas

The family of notorious gang leader John Kei, who was arrested on Friday evening for his alleged role in the murder of Sanex Steel head Tan Hari Tantono last month, is planning to report three police officers for shooting him during the incident.

The family will report the officers to the police’s Bureau of Professionalism and Security Affairs (Propam) for failing to follow procedure, according to John’s lawyer Taufik Candra.

“We want to ask why John was shot when he did not even resist during the arrest,” Taufik said.

John was arrested in Room 501 of the C’One Hotel in East Jakarta. Police said he was consuming methamphetamine with actress Alba Fuad when they found him, although Taufik denied Alba was there.

Taufik also protested the police’s policy of not letting John’s family visit him.

“His wife couldn’t even see him and she only wanted to bring fresh clothes and food,” he said.

John was shot in his right thigh, where the bullet penetrated his shinbone. He is currently receiving treatment at the National Police Hospital in Kramat Jati, East Jakarta.

“He was operated on last night,” Taufik said.

The family is trying to get him moved to Central Jakarta’s Gatot Subroto Army Hospital so that he might receive better treatment, the lawer said.

Taufik denied any involvement by John in the murder of Tan, also known as Ayung, who was found dead in Central Jakarta’s Swiss-Belhotel in January.

“Regarding the murder, there are already five suspects. I am also the lawyer for the five suspects and during investigations, none of the five suspects mentioned that John Kei was involved in the murder,” he said.

CCTV footage of the murder showed John in Room 2701, the scene of the murder. Taufik admitted that John went to see Ayung but only for a little while.

“He doesn’t know anything about the murder,” he said.

John Kei’s brother Tito said he saw the police arrest his brother.

“I was sitting in the hotel’s restaurant. It was only five minutes after I arrived and suddenly the restaurant’s gate was closed. I went outside and asked what was going on,” he said.

He said an officer asked him about his brother.

“The police said, ‘Is John Kei here?’ But I didn’t see my brother and suddenly head of the Jakarta Police mobile division Herry Heryawan ran inside [to the hotel room],” Tito said.

The hotel was surrounded by around 100 police officers. Tito said the most aggressive officer during the arrest was Herry. “After asking about John Kei, he ran and said ‘Kill him,’ and then he went to the room,” he said.

Tito threatened to create havoc in Jakarta if something happened to his brother. He had men, connections and friends who would defend him, he said.

Jakarta Police spokesman Rikwanto said the shooting was according to procedure. “He tried to resist and escape during the arrest,” he said.

Rikwanto acknowledged John had been unarmed.

The family is entitled to make a report about something they consider inappropriate, Rikwanto said. He added that treatment at the police hospital was no different than the army hospital, but it was up to investigators to decide whether to grant the request.