Hair Trends Nod to Korea

By : webadmin | on 7:19 PM October 23, 2011
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Sylviana Hamdani

Excitement is brewing in the world of beauty and hair as 2011 draws to a close. Hairdressers from around the world are presenting what they believe will be the hot, spiky new trends in the upcoming year.

In Indonesia, hairstyle trends are still heavily influenced by the international palate. Indonesian hairdresser Johnny Andrean recently showcased the K-Cut, a new hairstyle inspired by Korean pop stars, in Jakarta.

“Korean movies and pop bands are making a big hit around the globe,’’ said Astrid Hendrawati Sasongko, the brand manager of Johnny’s eponymous salons and products. “And that’s why more people, including Hollywood stars, are adopting their hair styles now.’’

Actress Keira Knightley and Pussycat Dolls singer Kimberly Wyatt are among the Hollywood stars sporting Korean hairstyles, according to Astrid. “I’m sure the trend will also become a big hit in Indonesia,’’ he said.

A brief dissection of the K-Cut: “It’s a simple and neat haircut with subtle layering and soft curls around the edges,’’ Astrid said. “It’ll make any woman look young, sweet and fresh.’’

For women with short hair, the K-Cut style has long, side-swept bangs that extend to the cheek.

“The most amazing thing about this K-Cut is that it’s very low-maintenance,’’ Astrid said. “You don’t have to take special time to style it or care for it for simple daily wear. It already looks beautiful.”

For special occasions, a curling iron can be used on part of the bangs to create soft, natural curls. “It’ll make you look very cute and girly,’’ Astrid said.

For women with shoulder-length hair, the soft natural curls will extend from the shoulders to the ears. “For formal occasions, you can use a styling lotion on your damp hair and comb it with your fingers, then let it dry naturally,’’ Astrid said. “You’ll have a sexy and stylish look for the party.’’

For women with long hair, the tapered layering of K-Cut will give the hair a softer, lighter look. And for an elegant look in the evening, the K-Cut can be worn up with hair-pins and create a fun and stylish up-do.

To complete the Korean look, K-Cut aficionados can color their hair according to the Korean stars. Johnny showcased three K-Pop colors to enhance hair, including light mahogany, goldy chocolate and ash brown.

The entire hairstyle can be dyed with one of the colors, or layered in a combination of all three. For those with a round or square face, use lighter dyes such as goldy chocolate to highlight the hair on the upper portion of the head. Then use darker colors such as light mahogany or ash brown to highlight the hair along the side of the face. That will give the cut a long, lean look.

For long, lean faces, use light colors to highlight the hair on top of the head, as well as along the sides of your face, which will make the face look more proportional.

“This Korean look will definitely create a sweet feminine look on Indonesian women,’’ Astrid said.

On Oct.12, Matrix Indonesia showcased its 2012 trend Dual Voltage in the grand ballroom of the Bidakara Hotel in Jakarta. Some 1,600 Indonesian hairdressers attended the show.

“The trend is inspired with electric currents,’’ said Patricia Lauretta Viola, senior product manager of Matrix Indonesia. “It offers versatile and sophisticated hairstyles for both women and men.’’

The styles are characterized by an asymmetrical laser-cut with bold highlights.

“Short hairstyles will be closely cropped on the lower half with disconnected layers on the upper half,’’ said senior Indonesian hairstylist Rudy Hadisuwarno. “The color of the upper layers of the hair will be much lighter than the lower parts.’’

Long hairstyles are characterized by soft natural curls and warm colors, such as red and burgundy. “We won’t be seeing a lot of straight, long hair next year,’’ said Indonesian hairstylist Gunawan Hadisuwarno.

Each hairstyle in the trend comes in two types — the low voltage style is the neat and simple daily wear, while the high voltage style is a sophisticated look for special evening occasions.

“For evening wear, we’ll be seeing a lot of creative soft and messy up-dos that look very natural,’’ Gunawan said. Mature women, however, may opt for elegant modern chignons (buns) for formal cocktail evenings.

The men’s hairstyles look very tame during the day, with side-swept fringes that extended to the jaw-line. But in the evening, they can raise the fringes with a stronghold styling gel to get the look of a party animal.

The hair colors will be mainly dark colors, such as brown and dark red, with lighter hues, such as ash blond and copper as highlights.

‘’It’s very cutting-edge,’’ said Jules Tognini, a top hairdresser in Australia who attended the hair show in Jakarta. “I think it’s really a great trend for 2012 for Indonesia to take on.’’