Japanese Pornographic Actress Miyabi Secretly Films New Movie in Indonesia

By : webadmin | on 2:29 PM November 25, 2010
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Jakarta Globe

Jakarta. Japanese actress Maria Ozawa, who uses the name Miyabi in her career as a pornographic actress, is the star of a new Indonesian horror movie filmed in Jakarta.

Ozawa, arguably Indonesia’s most popular adult video actress, filmed “Hantu Tanah Kusir” (“Tanah Kusir Ghost’), a movie about a ghost in a public cemetery in South Jakarta.

It was quietly shot by Maxima Pictures in October and released on Wednesday.

The hard-line Islamic Defenders Front (FPI) previously protested against the actress starring in a comedy movie titled “Menculik Miyabi” (“Kidnapping Miyabi”). The protests led to her canceling her role in the movie.

Maxima producer Ody Mulya Hidayat told news portal Detik.com that they had to keep changing hotels for safety.

“Every night there was always somebody knocking on her door, asking for a photo opportunity,” Ody said.

“We tried to keep our heads down and avoid controversy so we had to change hotels frequently,” he said, adding that despite the guerilla-like conditions Miyabi felt comfortable during her stay in Jakarta.

An advertisement for the movie says the film is about a horse-carriage chauffeur named Jupri who, in an attempt to improve his fortune, went to Tanah Kusir where he accidentally swapped his chart with one owned by the cemetery’s resident ghost.

Ozawa stars as a journalist named Pauline who was undertaking research on the history of horse-drawn carriages.

Behind the scene’s footage of the film shows the actress, who is half Canadian, wearing mainly tight shorts and white tank tops — yes it rains — though in at least one scene she strips down to her bra and in another she is filmed topless from behind.

In another scene, she is wearing a traditional Indonesian kebaya.

The movie, also features local actors Zaky Jimah and Benu Buloe.