Lawyer Insists Confessed Serial Killer Testified at Murder Trial of ‘Robot’ Gedek

By : webadmin | on 12:08 AM February 09, 2010
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Zaky Pawas

Despite denials from the Jakarta Police, a lawyer insisted on Monday that alleged serial killer Bayquni’s crimes were linked to those of the notorious child-killer Siswanto “Robot” Gedek.

Febry Irmansyah, a lawyer who assisted Siswanto, said that Bayquni, who was using a different name at the time, testified that he saw Siswanto take a little boy to a bush in the former airport area in Kemayoran, Central Jakarta in 1995.

“The witness saw it from 20 meters away and he only saw movements in the bush,” Febry said.

Febry also insisted that Bayquni, who went by the name Sunarto at the time, was the key witness in the trial of Siswanto, who was sentenced to death in 1997.

“I’m 100 percent sure that Sunarto was a dead ringer for Bayquni,” Febry said.

Bayquni’s lawyer, Rangga Beri Rikuser, acknowledged that his client had changed names but denied Febry’s claims.

“Babe often changed his name,” said his lawyer, Rangga Beri Rikuser, referring to Bayquni’s current nickname.

He said Bayquni was born as a twin in the 1960s and his parents named him Hasan, while his twin brother was named Husein.

Husein died during childhood and Bayquni’s parents changed the remaining twin’s name to Bayquni. Little Bayquni was nicknamed Bungkih and until his adolescent years his official name as written on his ID card was Bayquni.

Bayquni changed his name to Agus after he moved to Kuningan, West Java, in 1993. He was also alleged to use the name Sunarto in 1995 when he was in Jakarta.

However, Rangga insisted that Babe had never testified in any of Siswanto’s hearings.

“That’s another Babe, not this Babe [Bayquni]. Babe is a common nickname for older men who shelter street children,” Rangga said.

Police have also denied that Bayquni was a witness at Siswanto’s trial. “Not this one; it was another Babe,” said Jakarta Police’s Spokesman Sr. Comr. Boy Rafli Amar. “Don’t link Robot Gedek’s case to Babe’s. Robot Gedek’s case ended a long time ago.”

However, Febry was convinced that Bayquni was the same Babe. He said the police had arrested Babe first before they finally detained Siswanto.

“When Babe was arrested, he said it was Robot Gedek who did it,” Febry said. Robot Gedek and Babe had a similar pattern. They would sodomize their victims before getting rid of their bodies.

“Robot Gedek would take his victims to play video games, feed them and sodomize them before strangling them with a rope and disposing of their bodies,” Febry said.

Babe shared a similar pattern but he would kill his victims before sodomizing them. The difference was their motives. Babe has said he killed his victims because they refused to be sodomized.

“Robot Gedek killed because he was afraid people would know that he sodomized children,” Febry said.