Restarted Online School Registration Runs Smoothly

By : webadmin | on 1:15 AM July 07, 2010
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Rizqon Bilhuda & Arientha Primanitha

The Jakarta Education Agency reopened the online school registration system on Tuesday after recovering from a recent overloaded database.

Agency chairman Taufik Yudi Mulyanto told the Jakarta Globe that as of Tuesday afternoon every­thing had been going well and there were no reports from schools of a repeat of the technical difficulties.

“All of the applicants and parents have been provided today with the best service, and there are no indications of system errors,” Taufik said. “I am deeply sorry for all the inconvenience and trouble that caused disappointment to parents.”

Taufik said the agency had under­taken a thorough evaluation of the database to guarantee that the system would work properly on the re-registration day. He said he regretted having failed to detect the overloaded system.

Taufik refused to comment about the possibility of outsourcing the system to a third party better qualified to manage it. However, he said the agency had changed servers to prevent further crashes.

To smooth enrollments, the agency also changed the Web site from to

“Our main concern now is to give assurances that our system will work properly so the need for better education in this country is fulfilled,” he said.

The re-registration process went according to schedule and there were no reports of complaints filed by parents.

“Everything is fine here,” said Tata Sumarta, system operator at SMAN 13 high school in North Jakarta.

Riyani Subiatin, head of administration at SMAN 46, told the Globe that the re-registration process, from filing the form to receiving the printout result, only took about 15 minutes at the school.

Despite the improvements, Iman Satria, from the City Council’s Commission E for social welfare, told the Globe that the Jakarta Education Agency still had to come up with a better backup plan to prevent any future reoccurrence of this type of technical problem. “I suggest the agency give its fullest attention to these recent problems,” he said.

Because of the breakdown, an announcement of student placements has had to be delayed until Thursday, from last Saturday as originally planned. Consequently, the new school term will begin on July 19, instead of next Monday as had been scheduled. The first phase of the re-registration will be closed on Thursday at noon.

Firmansyah, head of City Council’s Commission E, said it would keep monitoring the enrollment system. The Democratic Party member questioned the tendering process for the online enrollment system’s operator, which he said was not transparent.