Super Steak Truly Makes the Cut

By : webadmin | on 6:10 PM September 20, 2011
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Lydia Tomkiw

Tucked away on a quiet street in Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta, the Super Steak restaurant is given away only by the smell of barbecue smoke in the air and the sight of a few outdoor picnic tables.

Husband and wife duo Windu and Feby Mashud opened the restaurant in mid-July after Windu was fired from his job at an advertising firm.

“Getting fired — I think it was a good thing,” Windu said with a laugh while meticulously trimming a cut of steak. “It gave me time to concentrate on this.”

Windu had thought about opening a restaurant for years, so losing one job allowed him to start another.

“It inspired us,” Feby said with the same cheerful smile she used to greet customers at the front of the house.

A self-taught cook, Windu loves to barbecue with friends. His new job still lets him create art, just of a different kind.

Set in the front yard of Windu’s parents’ house, Super Steak offers a homey, comfortable atmosphere that is a pleasant change from the mall dining scene so prevalent in Jakarta.

Windu and Feby had thought about opening their restaurant in a mall but decided against it. Instead, they wanted to create a cozy vibe where people could relax and escape the traffic and pollution.

Windu and Feby cook in an open-air kitchen in front of the house, and the clinking and clanking of kitchen utensils add a gentle background hum to your meal.

The couple decided to honor their main offering by calling the restaurant Super Steak. With a name like that, my expectations were set high.

Windu and Feby greet their guests like longtime friends and make them feel right at home. This family affair isn’t just about business. For them, it is also about quality.

The menu at Super Steak is short and simple. First, pick a cut of meat: tenderloin, 200 grams, for Rp 90,000 ($10), or sirloin, 200 grams, for Rp 85,000. Then choose a flavored topping. The wide array of choices offers something for every palate: there’s butter garlic, beerloin, Asian delight, honey hot, lemon herbs and honey herbs.

Windu is happy to up the level of spice by adding more chilies for customers who really want to feel the heat with the honey-hot flavor. All the meat served is imported from Australia.

“I try to keep the menu simple,” Windu said while sprinkling sesame seeds on an order of Asian delight steak. “But I am going to change it all the time, and soon we are going to have specials.”

Windu is currently experimenting with a strawberry and rose wine-flavored topping that could make its way onto the menu soon. Each steak comes with a serving of vegetables and wedge-cut French fries sprinkled with herbs. Feby’s recipe for the fries was originally created for the couple’s daughter.

After placing our order, my colleagues and I could hear our steaks hit the outdoor grill. Windu’s father told us about his career as a journalist while we waited for our food, which didn’t take long to arrive.

The beerloin steak was light on seasoning, allowing the flavor of the meat to really come through. The steak was perfectly cooked to medium-rare, highlighting its quality and tenderness.

On my friend’s steak, the refreshing lemon herb balanced well with the richness of the meat by adding a slightly acidic element to the mix.

Without a doubt, the popular butter garlic flavor was the group favorite. Melted butter and thinly sliced pieces of pan-fried garlic topped the steak, adding a richness that complemented the meat. If I had to choose one flavor to order again, this would be it.

The wedge-cut French fries and vegetables are classic steakhouse side-dish pairings, and they worked well with the thick steaks.

To finish off our meal, we ordered the banana split for dessert. The simple serve of strawberry, vanilla and chocolate ice cream topped with sprinkles was the perfect end to our meal.

The name Super Steak creates high expectations, but this restaurant truly delivers what its title promises. The outdoor setting and the reasonable prices make this steakhouse, literally set in someone’s home, one-of-a-kind.

Although it’s easy to get lost on the back streets of Kebayoran Baru trying to find Super Steak, that is part of the charm. As Windu said, “It’s a treasure, once you find it,” and I couldn’t agree more.

Super Steak
Jl. Dempo I No.76
Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta
Tel. 0817 639 6255
Open Tuesday to Sunday from 6 p.m. to midnight, or until all guests are ready to go home