TransJakarta Driver Badly Injured in Explosion

By : webadmin | on 12:58 PM October 20, 2011
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Zaky Pawas

The driver of a TransJakarta bus that exploded in the Pinang Ranti shelter on Thursday was critically injured, an official with the bus operator said.

The bus, which serves Corridor IX running from east to north, was filling up on gas at the TransJakarta refuelling station (SPBBG) installed at the shelter when a hissing noise was heard.

“The bus was refueling at 8:20 a.m. and the noise came from below the bus,” Sri Ulina, TransJakarta’s spokeswoman told the Jakarta Globe.

The hissing sound was followed by a loud explosion.

The driver, Yusaf, the bus attendant, Malinda, and a refueling station attendant, Sugianto, were injured.

“Yusuf was badly injured and his legs were broken while Malinda and Sugianto sustained minor injuries,” Sri said.

The three victims were rushed to Asrama Haji Hospital in Pondok Gede, East Jakarta.

The explosion also damaged the bus and the shelter.

Police officers are still conducting an investigation at the scene.

“The police and the Director General of Oil and Gas are here to find out the cause of the explosion,” Sri said.

The refueling station in Pinang Ranti shelter is one of four stations owned by TransJakarta.

“Pinang Ranti is temporarily closed but drivers can still refuel at our stations on Jalan Pemuda in East Jakarta, Pancoran in the south and Jalan Siliwangi in Depok,” she said.