TransJakarta Driver Passes Out at West Jakarta Stop

By : webadmin | on 1:40 PM May 12, 2011
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Jakarta Globe

A TransJakarta bus driver passed out behind the wheel of the bus on Thursday morning.

The Corridor IX (Pinang Ranti-Pluit) bus had stopped at the Harapan Kita Hospital shelter when the driver, Ibrahim Aziz, 29, passed out.

According to Brentel, a TransJakarta's ticketing officer at the shelter, the bus was making its stop at the shelter, but after the passengers had alighted and got on the bus, it didn't move.

“After I checked, I found out the driver was ill,” Brentel told news portal He contacted the TransJakarta's headquarters and took Aziz to the emergency ward of Harapan Kita Hospital.

After he came to, Aziz said that he had already had difficulty breathing when he was making a stop at the Semanggi shelter.

“But I kept going because I remembered that Harapan Kita Hospital was near,” Aziz said.

Doctor at the emergency ward said he was still weak but it was nothing serious.

“He had gastric acid problem. He said he didn't have breakfast before leaving to work,” the doctor said.

The head of West Jakarta Police's traffic division Comr. Sungkono said after the driver was rushed to the hospital, the passengers were transferred to another bus.

“There was no problem,” he said.