Tugu Tani Suspect to Be Tested for Drug Dependency

By : webadmin | on 6:31 PM January 31, 2012
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Bayu Marhaenjati

Afriani Susanti, the woman allegedly responsible for killing nine people when the car she was driving slammed into a group of pedestrians in Tugu Tani, Jakarta, will be undergoing a psychological test and drug addiction screening as the investigation into the crash continues.

“Today, according to plans, Afriani will be undergoing an investigation if she if she is dependant on drugs or not,” Jakarta Police spokesman Rikwanto said on Tuesday.

“Meanwhile, she also will be interrogated by a team of psychiatrists. The purpose of the tests are to complete her case file.”

Rikwanto said that the case needed to be examined from all sides to ensure it was resolved in the best possible way.

Afriani faces charges of manslaughter and drug use. A urine test conducted by police showed up positive for ecstasy, and the result was corroborated in a subsequent blood test by the National Narcotics Agency (BNN).

The three passengers have also been detained on drug charges.

The four were headed home from the Stadium nightclub in West Jakarta shortly before noon on Sunday when Afriani swerved into the curb and mowed down a group of pedestrians, killing nine of them.