Blog-Inspired Romantic Tale 'Beats Apart' Hits Stores

Beast Apart started as a blog project in 2012. (Photo courtesy of Imprint KPG)

By : Christabelle Palar | on 3:35 AM September 22, 2015
Category : Life & Style, Arts & Culture

Jakarta. Writer Alanda Kariza on Monday added another title to her growing portfolio of books with the launch of “Beats Apart,” a novel she co-wrote with longtime friend Kevin Aditya.

The book started out as a blog in 2012, which saw the pair taking turns writing a single blog post per day from the perspective of a girl and a boy, both of whom remain nameless throughout the story save for the F and M initials that mark the end of every post.

With no plot in mind, the writers left the story to unfold as a surprise, even to each other, continuing to write where the other left off the previous day over the course of a month, ending in June 2012.

While the story may come as no surprise for loyal readers who followed the project closely three years ago, the paperback version promises a new reading experience with designs and illustrations to enhance the romantic tale.

Alanda has previously published several works of fiction and non-fiction, the most recent being her travelogue “Travel Young,” which follows her 2013 book “Dream Catcher.”

For Kevin, who in 2014 graduated from the Bandung Institute of Technology, “Beats Apart” is his first published book, although his other works, most of which cover movie and music commentary, can be found on his website.

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