Samsung's New QLED TV Boasts Cutting-Edge Specs, Home-Friendly Design

Samsung Electronics Indonesia, the Indonesian arm of the South Korean tech giant, launched its new lineup of premium television, the 'Samsung QLED TV,' in Bali on Tuesday (16/05). (JG Photo/ Yudhi Sukma Wijaya)

By : Dhania Putri Sarahtika & Donny A. Mononimbar | on 11:22 AM May 17, 2017
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Nusa Dua, Bali. Samsung Electronics Indonesia, the Indonesian arm of the South Korean tech giant, launched its new lineup of premium television, the "Samsung QLED TV," in Bali on Tuesday (16/05).

The Samsung QLED TV features all the latest technological innovations to meet customers' demand for more than just a viewing experience with no clutter.

"This year, Samsung QLED TV will usher Indonesian customers into a new paradigm where TV isn't just a black box but also an element that blends into the interior design of a house," Samsung Electronics Indonesia President Director Jae Hoon Kwon said at Bali Nusa Dua Convention Center in Bali.

"[The QLED TV] can be put anywhere. It also has a Smart TV feature which is perfect for our Indonesian customers, who like to connect their TV to entertainment platforms, including pay-TV and game console," he added.

Visual innovations are nevertheless still the QLED TV's main forte. It carries a quantum dot technology that produces colors almost as accurate as in real life.

"The Samsung QLED TV can produce a 100 percent color volume. This means the colors on it are accurate at any brightness level," Ubay Bayanudin, the company's senior TV and audio visual product marketing manager, said.

Samsung also takes its high dynamic range (HDR) technology to a new level. The new TV can express brightness levels between 1500-2000 nits, allowing it to display pictures without any color distortion under full sunlight.

Vega Susatyo Adi, Samsung Electronics Indonesia's TV/AV business director, said the QLED TV is expected to keep Samsung's domination in the Indonesian all-segment TV market, with a 34 percent slice of the market since 2013.

"We're the market leader in the Smart TV and Ultra High Definition segment with over half of the market share," Vega said.

On top of its high techs and specs, the new Samsung QLED TV is also redefining the television's place in interior design.

The new QLED TV is almost bezel-less and features "invisible connection" — its optic cables are so thin that they are almost invisible. There will be no jumbled nest of wires that might ruin your view.

"It is often a challenge for me to decide where to put the TV when I'm designing. There's often limited space, and the cables can create an eyesore when the TV is placed far from its power point and accessories. Samsung's 'invisible connection' innovation is spot-on, a great help for interior designers," renowned Indonesian interior designer Iwan Sastrawiguna said.

Iwan also praised the QLED TV's unique stand that props up the TV screen like an artwork.

The "no-gap wall mount" accessory also allows the QLED TV to be latched on to a wall without leaving any gap.

Samsung QLED TV features a Smart Hub that houses streaming platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Video and YouTube.

You can control it using the Samsung One Remote Control or get your smartphone to do the job by downloading the Smart View App on Google Play Store or Apple Store.

"There are so many ways to get connected with entertainment nowadays. Content also changes very rapidly. Samsung Hub offers an integrated viewing experience that's more intuitive," Ubay said.

Hitting the market since the beginning of this month, Samsung QLED TV has three models on its lineup — the Q7, Q8 and Q9 — with screens from 55 inches t0 88 inches wide. Prices range from Rp 32,999,000 ($2480) to Rp 225,999,000.

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