Fashion Designer Transforms Women’s ‘Reveries’ Into Reality

By : Sylviana Hamdani | on 5:30 PM May 15, 2013
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One of fashion designer Didi Budiardjo’s latest bridal gowns. (Photo courtesy of Arselan Ganin) One of fashion designer Didi Budiardjo’s latest bridal gowns. (Photo courtesy of Arselan Ganin)

Many girls dream that their wedding day will be perfect and filled with excitement. Their parents, as well as hundreds of friends and relatives, will be witnesses to their happiness and she, as the bride, will be the center of attention. She would be dressed in an immaculate white wedding gown, adorned with frills and laces, walking down the aisle towards the handsome young groom waiting nervously at the altar.

These dreams never fade away. In fact, they grow stronger as these girls grow up to become young women.

Senior fashion designer Didi Budiardjo understands these women’s dreams. He has been designing exclusive bridal gowns for more than a decade now.

“A wedding is every woman’s dream,” said the 43-year-old designer. “They want to look stunning on that special day that they’ve been waiting for a long time.”

Recently, Didi presented his new wedding gown collection in a fashion show themed “Reverie” at the grand ballroom of Grand Hyatt Jakarta.

“Now I want to invite the women to enter my dream world,” he said, smiling.

For the show, the grand ballroom was transformed into a fairy-tale land.

The entrance was decorated like an open storybook. Its walls were entirely covered with white tulle. A complex lighting system gave an impression of thousands of stars dancing in the night skies. The guests, seated on crystal-clear chairs adorned with wings, were like cupids witnessing a romantic affair taking place on the stage.

The stage was the most beautiful of all. It was designed to resemble an ornate French carousel with a white acrylic catwalk stemming out from its heart.

As the show began, the carousel slowly revolved to reveal a beautiful young bride perched on one of its horses. Her mermaid-styled wedding gown glowed beautifully in the dark.

“The gown is embellished with a special fluorescent material,” said the soft-spoken designer. “I wanted to wow the audience from the start of the show.”

Didi continued to mesmerize the audience throughout the expose. In the 30-minute fashion show, he presented 19 bridal gowns that all appeared to have been beautifully hand-carved onto the models’ bodies.

Each of his wedding dresses was a combination of fine materials, and excellent designs and craftsmanship; they were beautiful to behold from every angle.

Some of the bridal gowns had fresh, unconventional designs. One model looked very sassy in a retro-style, knee-high white wedding dress.

The front of the bodice was adorned with silver floral appliques that dispersed from a one-shoulder strap. Its skirt billowed beautifully in elaborate lacy ruffles from the model’s waist.

Another gown, a simple long dress made of creamy-hued silk and French lace, appeared elegant. The entire dress was embellished with ornate floral appliques made of white tulle. A cape, made of Chantilly lace, featured an intertwined leave design that completed the model’s sweet and innocent look.

Didi also introduced unconventional colors, such as creme, ruby and burgundy, for his wedding gowns fashion show.

One of the most beautiful was a strapless wedding gown, made of bright red shantung silk. The sleek dress was adorned with elaborate ruffles from the bodice down to its hemline. “It’s the most complicated one,” Didi explained. “We cut and sewed it on a mannequin to get it right.”

In the show, top Indonesian model Dominique Agisca Diyose looked fascinating in a red cheongsam (traditional Chinese dress) adorned with embroideries.

“Some traditional cultures see red as an auspicious color for bridal gowns,” Didi said.

Dominique’s long hair was made into small braids and arranged on top of her head as a beautiful tiara.

Leading hairstylist Sugimartono was in charge of the models’ looks for the show. “I was inspired by the sophisticated elegance of Didi’s dresses,” Sugimartono said.

The stylist kept the makeup to a minimal, with rosy cheeks and pale lipsticks that allowed the bride’s healthy natural look and joyful aura to shine through.

“I’ve done their hair according to the modest traditional fashion of Indonesian women; in braids or simple buns above the neck,” Sugimartono added.

Another renowned Indonesian model, Laura Muljadi, looked stunning in her red gown. The strapless A-line dress had ornate ruches that cascaded from the bodice down to her hips, highlighting the model’s slender feminine figure.

A beautiful choker with brilliant crystals were neatly placed around Laura’s neck and highlighted the glamor of the wedding dress.

All the accessories in the fashion show were designed by popular Indonesian accessory designer Rinaldy A. Yunardi.

“I’m very excited about our collaboration,” Rinaldy said. “Didi discussed his dreams about the fashion show with me and I designed the accessories for him.”

According to Rinaldy, the accessories in the show were inspired by the 1950s.

“They’re all very bold, multi-colored and dazzling,” Rinaldy said. “They’ll give a fascinating different look on the brides [models].”

The fashion show concluded with a series of Victorian-styled white wedding gowns adorned with ornate embroideries, some of which had portraits of the Virgin Mary embroidered onto the chest. “Virgin Mary is the traditional symbol of love and purity,” Didi said. “It’s the perfect symbol to wear for the holy matrimony.”

The closing item was a Champagne-hued wedding gown with a bold pattern of wild peonies, an auspicious flower in old Chinese tradition.

The bustier of the dress was enhanced with an ornate silver filigree. At the end of the catwalk, the model took off the filigree to reveal beautiful embroideries of Virgin Mary and Baby Jesus on her chest. “It’s my duty as a fashion designer to always present new colors and designs to my customers,” Didi said. “Hopefully, they love them and wear them to their own weddings.”

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