Feminist Blog Magdalene Promotes Sexual Equality to Celebrate Anniversary

The event was held at Jakarta's Facebar on Friday night. (Photo courtesy of Magdalene)

By : Syeba Jubilee | on 11:32 AM September 20, 2015
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Jakarta. Indonesia's feminist online magazine Magdalene hosted a talk show on "Equality in the Bedroom: The Art of Pleasure" to celebrate the media's second anniversary at Facebar, Jakarta, on Friday.

The talk show, which was organized with Laci Asmara, an online intimate lifestyle shop, highlighted the gender gap in sexual experience in Indonesia, which is a result of sex often being considered as a moral issue.

The event's speakers — gender activist and "The O Project" author Firliana Purwanti, sex psychologist Zoya Amirin and Klink Angsamerah doctor Nurlan Silitonga — called on Indonesian women to take control of their bodies and become responsible for their own sexual pleasure.

Three speakers at the talk show, gender activist and author of "The O Project" Firliana Purwanti, sex psychologist Zoya Amirin and doctor Nurlan Silitonga from Klinik Angsamerah, called Indonesian women to be fully in control of their body and responsible of their sexual pleasure.

"Fewer than one third of Indonesian women experience orgasm, compared to two third of Indonesian men," Firliana said. "It shows the spacious gap in sexual experience in this country,"

"The O Project" is a study of Indonesian women and orgasm, and written based on Firliana's research on 15 Indonesian women with different backgrounds. The study identifies orgasm as an indicator to determine the level of sexual happiness for women. It finds most Indonesian women did not consider their own need for sex as important.

Zoya said there is a general misunderstanding in Indonesian which sees women as a non sexual being.

"This causes women not to take responsibility for their own sexual pleasure, and not to initiate action to enjoy the intimate relationship with their partner," she said.

According to Nurlan, such misunderstanding has led to various problems, from health issues to domestic violence. She encourages women to see sex as a gift, instead of the opposite.

"If you consider sex as a gift, you will be able to enjoy being yourself," she said.

Magdalene, first launched on Sept. 26, 2013, focuses on women's issues and frequently promotes equality, tolerance, pluralism, and empowerment.

For more information, check out magdalene.co or follow @the_magdalene on Twitter or Magdalene Indonesia on Facebook.

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