ONE Championship Revolutionizes Safety Standards for Martial Arts: Physician

Japanese veteran champion Mei Yamaguchi (left) in a ONE Championship match against Istela Nunes on May 26. (Photo courtesy of ONE Championship)

By : Jakarta Globe | on 2:26 PM October 12, 2017
Category : Sports, Martial Arts

Jakarta. A renowned physician in full-contact sports, Warren Wang said Asia-based martial arts ONE Championship has revolutionized health and safety standards for athletes.

"I have never seen an organization go to the lengths that it has than what we have accomplished here at ONE Championship," Wang said as quoted in a statement received on Thursday (12/10).

"In just a short span, we have managed to multiply our safety standards tenfold with the latest in medical technology. The procedures we have in place ensure all athletes are well taken care of before, during and after their bouts," he added.

Wang is an experienced physician in the field of emergency medicine and has over 10 years of knowledge and practice under his belt. He joined ONE Championship in 2015 as vice president of medical services, but has been with the company since 2014 under a different capacity. He has also been training in the art of Brazilian jiu-jitsu since 1996.

"Because we are dealing with athletes who compete in unarmed, hand-to-hand combat for a living, it is of utmost importance to make sure that they are more than 100 percent fit and capable of the high-stress environment of the martial arts cage," he said.

Martial arts, especially in professional competitions, place a great deal of emphasis on various striking and grappling techniques. Blows to the head and body are common, and there is a high rate of injury due to the sport’s physical nature.

Although the organization tests its athletes regularly throughout the year, ONE Championship administers pre-bout CT Scans along with neural and cognitive exams to screen athletes on the week of an event. If an athlete fails an exam, he will not be allowed to compete.

"This is completely different from other organizations’ medical protocols. At ONE Championship, we realize the importance of testing the week of the event, so we can detect any anomaly and inconsistencies in our regular testing," Wang said, adding that, "We have all the best technology at our disposal, and we make sure to maintain an extremely high standard with every event."

Because event week is critical for the health and safety of athletes, ONE Championship doesn’t skimp on costs when medical equipment is concerned.

The organization goes to great lengths to ensure that their athletes are well taken care of. "It is to give our athletes the peace of mind that they are competing on the safest platform of professional martial arts."


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