Elfa's Singers Postpone Comeback Concert, Dazzle Crowd in Preview Show

Legendary vocal group Elfa's Singers entertained the crowd with a nostalgic performance of their hit songs on Tuesday (06/12) at Fairmont Hotel's Motion Blue Jazz Lounge in Jakarta. (JG Photo/Dhania Putri Sarahtika)

By : Dhania Putri Sarahtika | on 8:26 PM December 08, 2016
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Jakarta. Legendary Indonesian vocal group Elfa's Singers dazzled the crowd with their classic hit songs on Tuesday night, Dec. 6, at the Motion Blue Jazz Lounge in Fairmont Hotel Jakarta, despite delivering another disappointing news for its fans.

Held by local radio station Brava Radio, the "Magnetic Brava Road to Elfa's Singers Timeless Concert" was originally a preview for their upcoming comeback concert, as well as a celebration of their latest album "Timeless" after an eight-year hiatus.

But the quartet surprised the audience with an announcement of another delay for the much-awaited concert.

The group's comeback concert was initially set to be held on Nov. 2 at Kota Kasablanka. It was postponed to Dec. 14 and now it has been postponed again "until further notice."

"We are sad to announce that the concert has to be postponed due to the tense political situation in our country," Yana Julio, one of the singers, said.

According to the group, the tense political and security situation poses real safety risks for the concert's audience. Speaking at a break between songs, singer Agus Wisman said today's problems are rooted in our inability to see past our differences.

"We tend to victimize people who are different from ourselves. All we need is love for one another. People need each other. The luckiest people are the people who need people," he said before the group sang an a capella version of Barbra Streisand's "People."

The so-called fantastic four — Yana, Agus, Lita Zen, Ucie Nurul — still had the power to charm their fans with their all-too-familiar songs and lively stage act.

They started the night with hit singles "Prahara Cinta" (Falling in Love) and "Antara Anyer dan Jakarta" (Between Anyer and Jakarta).

An a capella version of "Masa Kecilku" (My Childhood), which appeared to be everybody's favorite ballad, was greeted by a loud round of applause.

The singers made the crowd sway along with their energetic performance of "Dia" (Crush), followed by an original by the late group founder and composer Elfa Secioria, "Tetaplah Bersamaku" (Stay with Me).

Although the singing was mainly accompanied by prerecorded music instead of a live one, the quartet still managed to move the audience just as they did in their heydays in the 1980s.

The group also performed other hit singles "Memori" (Memory), "Berdua" (The Two of Us), and "Cinta Pertama" (First Love) before ending the night on a high note with the highly-anticipated "Pesta" (Party), performed in the original arrangement and employing the same stage choreography created back in 1987.

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