Everyone's Favorite Folk Band Banda Neira Announce Breakup After Months of Hiatus

Rara Sekar and Ananda Badudu are the duo behind beloved folk band Banda Neira. (Photo courtesy Banda Neira/via Lorong Musik)

By : Lisa Siregar | on 5:00 PM December 23, 2016
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Jakarta. Following months of hiatus, Bandung-based folk band Banda Neira announced their breakup on social media on Friday (23/12).

Members Rara Sekar and Ananda Badudu wrote a heartfelt farewell letter that quickly went viral on Twitter on Friday morning, leaving fans in despair.

In the letter, the duo thanked their fans for supporting them since their early SoundCloud days in 2012.

"After considering all of our options, we believe [a breakup] is the best option to take. It is with great sadness that we announce we will part ways from now on, and end the journey of Banda Neira," Rara and Ananda said in a statement.

Twitter users posted their appreciation for the band's work using the hashtag #TerimaKasihBandaNeira (Thank you, Banda Neira), which became a trending topic by noon.

Rara and Ananda met in a campus newsroom, Media Parahyangan at Parahyangan university in Bandung, where they did their undergraduate degrees.

In 2012, the duo recorded a mini album "Di Paruh Waktu" (Half Time), which they put on SoundCloud and was unexpectedly met with overwhelming responses from fans.

The following year, the band released their debut album "Berjalan Lebih Jauh" (Walking Further).

Earlier this year, the duo released their second album “Yang Patah Tumbuh, Yang Hilang Berganti" (The Broken Will Heal, The Lost Will Be Replaced), which has now turned out to be the band's final work together.

Rara is currently living in New Zealand to continue her study, and Ananda is working as a journalist in Jakarta.

Below is the farewell letter from the band.

(Image courtesy of Banda Neira) (Image courtesy of Banda Neira)





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