Democratic Party Looking for Women Candidates

By : SP/Carlos Paath | on 10:43 PM July 09, 2013
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The Democratic Party is hoping to attract more women to participate in its upcoming presidential candidate convention, as a politician from the party said she believed in the capacity of female politicians and their presence in the national political scene would provide an interesting dynamic ahead of the elections.

“Personally, I would like women to come forward at the convention especially to compete with other candidates, [so that] our politics will be more exciting,” said Nova Riyanti Yusuf, deputy chief of House Commission IX, which oversees health and manpower issues.

“We once had a female president, Megawati Sukarnoputri. The names of female figures should be raised. If there are women who would like to participate, don’t be shy.”

Among the most talked-about figures is former Finance Minister turned World Bank managing director Sri Mulyani who has long been mentioned as a potential candidate for the 2014 elections.

Nova expressed her support in the possibility of having Sri Mulyani on board at the Democrats’ convention.

“I have no problem if Sri Mulyani would like to join. Indonesia is looking for a female figure to lead,” she said.

Another Democratic Party legislator who refused to be named also placed support for Sri Mulyani.

“Sri Mulyani’s integrity, capacity and capability is no longer in question. Sri Mulyani is eligible to be invited to participate in the convention,” the legislator said on Tuesday. “The Democratic Party’s electability will surely go up if Sri Mulyani is named winner of the convention,” the legislator added.

Inggrid Kansil, a Democratic lawmaker from House Commission VIII, which oversees religious and social affairs, said the female politicians who will be participating in the convention must have the necessary competence and potential.

She also raised several names of women she deemed eligible to take part in the Democratic Party’s convention.

“As for names, there are many. There is Yenny Wahid, Sri Mulyani and others. Whoever this person will be, it is hoped that more women will come forth,” Inggrid said on Tuesday.

“There are many [potential women candidates], especially from the women activists who have all this time fought for the Indonesian people. They can run for president,” she said.

Nurhayati Assegaf, deputy chairwoman of the Democratic Party, said she was confident that a female figure would emerge in the party’s upcoming presidential candidate convention.

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