Disgraced State Official Claims Commission V Lawmakers Take Bribes From Ministry Project

Graft suspect Amran Mustary in a KPK car. (Antara Photo/Yudhi Mahatma)

By : Fana Suparman | on 3:37 PM October 29, 2016
Category : News, Corruption

Jakarta. A suspect in a graft case related to a Public Works Ministry project, who is also the head of the National Road Construction Agency IX for Maluku and North Maluku, Amran Mustary, has called on antigraft agency KPK to investigate members of the House of Representatives’ Commission V for taking bribes.

Amran claimed that the commission’s chairman and 19 of its members had also received bribes related to the same project.

"Yes, all [of them] should be investigated. They also received [bribes]. Any bribery investigation should involve both those who give and receive [the bribes]," Amran’s lawyer Hendra Kalianga said after accompanying his client to another interrogation with Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) investigators on Friday (28/10).

So far, the antigraft agency has named seven people as suspects in the case. Aside from Amran, the other suspects are Windhu Tunggal Utama (WTU) director Abdul Khoir, lawmakers Budi Supriyanto from Golkar, Andi Taufan Tiro from the National Mandate Party (PAN) and Damayanti from the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDI-P), and two of Damayanti's friends, Dessy A. Edwin and Julia Prasetyarini.

Hendra claimed Commission V's 20 members, including chairman Fary Djemi Francis and deputy chairman Michael Wattimena, also received bribes from WTU director Abdul. According to Hendra's account, the lawmakers were given the bribes during a work visit to Maluku in August 2015.

"Everyone got a share of the bribes. Only two of the commission members did not visit Maluku. A total of Rp 445 million ($34,000) were given to them. The chairman got Rp 50 million, each member got around Rp 35 million," Hendra said.

Abdul Khoir was said to give bribes for eight members of the commission through Amran.

Hendra also claimed that since the project made use of the so-called "aspiration funds" belonging to Commission V, it has also violated Public Works Ministry regulations — which require that all projects go through the proper procedures and get their funding from the State Budget.

The lawyer also claimed that several officials from the Public Works Ministry were also involved in the case, though he had asked his client to stay silent on the matter. Hendra said Amran will eventually reveal all the parties involved in the case, including state officials and legislators.


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