ICW Doubts Lawmakers' Commitment to Curbing Corruption

Former House speaker Marzuki Ali adds his two cents to the ongoing Setya Novanto case. (JG Photo/Yudhi Sukma Wijaya)

By : Jakarta Globe | on 6:58 PM June 29, 2013
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House Speaker Marzuki Alie speaks to the press during a press conference at the Parliament Complex, in Senayan, Jakarta, in this 2011 file photo. (JG Photo/Yudhi Sukma Wijaya) House Speaker Marzuki Alie speaks to the press during a press conference at the Parliament Complex, in Senayan, Jakarta, in this 2011 file photo. (JG Photo/Yudhi Sukma Wijaya)

House Speaker Marzuki Alie, the Democratic Party's Edhie Baskara Yudhoyono and the Prosperous Justice Party's (PKS) Fahri Hamzah are among 36 lawmakers accused of working against antigraft activists' efforts to end Indonesia's endemic corruption, Indonesia Corruption Watch (ICW) said.

The watchdog group released the list on Friday, inspiring claims of slander and "black campaigns" from many of the politicians named in the ICW report. The group said lawmakers were included on the list if they were mentioned in a corruption case, convicted of corruption, sanctioned by the House of Representatives Ethics Council or worked to curb the power of the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK).

President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono's son was included on the list for reporting Anti-Corruption Court witness Yulianis to the National Police for defamation over allegations that Edhie received corruption funds from former party treasurer and graft convict Muhammad Nazaruddin. The Democratic Party’s Sutan Bhatoegana made the list over allegations that he received a cut from a corrupted solar panel procurement project.

Marzuki was named because of his efforts to disband the KPK, ICW said.

He denied the allegations, saying ICW added his name to the report over his support of the controversial mass organization bill before he questioned the watchdog group's credibility.

"They just keep on babbling," Marzuki said. "There is no guarantee that one day if they're in power they wont been even greedier than the corruptors at the moment."

Marzuki said he supported the KPK's right to wiretap suspects. He said the list should be ignored.

"What was the indicators?" he said. "[The ICW] put in names without... justification, [its] credibility can be questioned."

Fahri, a vocal opponent of the KPK, accused ICW of mounting a "black campaign" against the PKS to raise money from foreign institutions and political parties. The outspoken PKS Deputy Secretary General recently made headlines for lecturing the KPK for seven minutes in a religious-tinged speech that called wiretapping a sin, included passages from the Koran and ended with Fahri calling for the disbandment of the KPK.

He's not a fan of ICW either.

"Don't they know that I and the PKS have a proposal to end all systemic corruption in a year if the people mandate it?" Fahri said. "ICW doesn't want corruption to be eradicated because it is their source of income."

Fahri accused ICW of calling any opponent a corruptor.

"They're authoritarian and keep waging revenge on people with different opinions," he said. "Whoever disagrees with their ideas will be accused of being a corruptor."

The Golkar Party's Bambang Soesatyo, a figure in the Bank Century bailout scandal, accused ICW of making unfounded accusations. The group accused Bambang of accepting money from former National Police Traffics Corps. chief Djoko Susilo as part of a corrupted driving simulator procurement project.

“I can be accused of have given something to A or B, but is it the truth?" he said. "It’s not the truth without formal evidence to make it a fact.”

Fellow Golkar member Aziz Syamsuddin faced similar accusations. Party chairman Priyo Budi Santoso was accused of accepting money in corrupt Koran and laboratory equipment procurement projects.

The Democratic Party's Sutan planned to report ICW — which he called "Isinya Cuma Waste” ("Only Containing Waste") — to the National Police.

"They have spread slander," he said. "I will report them to the National Police as soon as possible. This organization is no longer credible because they have wrongly accused people."

The list:

  1. Aziz Syamsuddin (Golkar Party)
  2. Desmond J Mahesa (Gerindra)
  3. Herman Hery (PDI-P)
  4. Bambang Soesatyo (Golkar Party)
  5. Edhie Baskoro Yudhoyono (Democratic Party)
  6. Mahyudin (Democratic Party)
  7. I Wayan Koster (PDI-P)
  8. Said Abdullah (PDI-P)
  9. Mirwan Amir (Democratic Party)
  10. Abdul Kadir Karding (PKB)
  11. Olly Dondokambey (PDI-P)
  12. Jhonny Allen Marbun (Democratic Party)
  13. Ahmad Yani (PPP)
  14. Syarifuddin Suding (Hanura)
  15. Nasir Djamil (PKS)
  16. Idris Laena (Golkar Party)
  17. Achsanul Qosasih (Democratic Party)
  18. Zulkifliemansyah (PKS)
  19. Ignatius Mulyono (Democratic Party)
  20. Nudirman Munir (Golkar Party)
  21. Setya Novanto (Golkar Party)
  22. Kahar Muzakir (Golkar Party)
  23. Adang Darajatun (PKS)
  24. Fahri Hamzah (PKS)
  25. Ribka Tjiptaning (PDI-P)
  26. Pius Lustrilanang (Gerindra)
  27. Melchiar Marcus Mekeng (Golkar)
  28. Muhammad Nasir (Democratic Party)
  29. Vonny Anneke Panambunan (Gerindra)
  30. Nazaruddin Sjamsuddin (PBB)
  31. Sutan Batugana (Democratic Party)
  32. Marzuki Ali (Democratic Party)
  33. Priyo Budi Santoso (Golkar Party)
  34. Max Sopacua (Democratic Party)
  35. Charles Jonas Mesang (Golkar Party)
  36. H Achmad Farial (PPP)

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