Former Child Singer Accuses Celebrity Guru Subur of Blasphemy

By : Jakarta Globe | on 1:37 PM April 25, 2013
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Former child singer Adi Bing Slamet on Wednesday night filed a report with the Jakarta Police accusing celebrity spiritual guru Subur of blasphemy.

Adi’s lawyer, Fahmi Bachdim, said that Subur — known as Eyang (grandfather) Subur by his followers — has allegedly spread heresy by encouraging his followers not to pray.

“We come to the Jakarta Police to report Eyang Subur for blaspheming Islam,” Fahmi said. “The article used against him is article 156A on religious blasphemy [that carries a] sentence of more than five years prison.”

Fahmi said that Subur had told his followers — mostly artists and famous figures — that he received a revelation from God. Fahmi accused him of insulting the Prophet Muhammad and telling his followers that praying was not mandatory.

Adi and his lawyer brought recordings of witnesses and an edict issued by the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) to the police earlier this month. The edict stated that Subur had tainted Islam by having eight wives — while the religion only allows four wives — at the same time and had practiced sorcery and fortune telling.

The MUI had earlier said that if Subur refused to repent, the council would report him to the police.

Adi, who claimed he was a follower of Subur for 17 years, said that he waited for the MUI edict before reporting Subur to the police. He regularly went to Subur’s house with many other followers. However, he soon realized that the self-claimed spiritual guru was extorting his followers by asking them to take part in unusual rituals such as drinking salt-water and sugarless coffee.

“He’s not a Muslim, but he used Islamic symbols to trap Muslims,” Adi said. “We will submit more evidence, [including] a compact disc showing Subur was drunk. I’m not seeking popularity, but this is public lie. He even lied to God, let alone us.”

On Friday last week, Subur reported Adi to police for defamation, unpleasant conduct and incitement.

Subur was also reported by the Islamic Reform Movement (Garis) for tainting Islam.

“Eyang Subur had disregarded Islamic faith, [and] indirectly he’s a heretic,” Chep Hermawan, head of Garis, told on Wednesday. “He should apologize to [the Islamic] people and repent.”

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