New Jakarta Legislative Council Members Inaugurated

New members of the Jakarta Regional Legislative of Representatives (DPRD) being sworn in on Aug. 25, 2014. (JG Photo/Lenny Tristia Tambun)

By : Deti Mega PS & Lenny Tristia Tambun | on 6:38 PM August 25, 2014
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The sworn in of the new members of the Jakarta Local House of Representatives on Aug 25, 2015. (JG Photo/Lenny Tristia Tambun) New members of the Jakarta Regional Legislative of Representatives (DPRD) being sworn in on Aug. 25, 2014. (JG Photo/Lenny Tristia Tambun)

Jakarta. Sixty newly elected members of the 2014-19 Jakarta Regional Legislative Council (DPRD) were inaugurated at the DPRD builing in Central Jakarta on Monday, along with 46 of their colleagues from the previous batch.

“The inauguration and taking of the oath was lead by the chief of the Jakarta High Court [Made Rawa Aryawan],” incumbent DPRD secretary Mangara Pardede said on Monday.

A total of 106 members of the legislature were sworn in, comprising 60 new members and 46 members from the old formation of the legislature.

The inauguration was followed by the appointment of Indonesia Democratic Party of Struggle (PDI-P) politician Jhonny Simanjuntak as temporary DPRD speaker and Great Indonesia Movement (Gerindra) party politician Muhammad Taufik as his temporary deputy by their respective parties. The two will be in charge of leading the election of permanent leaders of the legislature.

The appointment of the pair was based on a government policy stipulating that temporary leadership positions are to be handed to political parties that emerged as winner and runner-up at the legislative election.

“In the legislative election, PDI-P and Gerindra got the most votes. The temporary speaker post is then automatically give to PDI-P, while the deputy speaker post is given to Gerindra,” Mangara said.

President-elect and Jakarta Governor Joko Widodo, who was present at the event, declined to comment on the inauguration. “I don’t want to talk, ask Deputy Governor [Basuki Tjahaja Purnama], he is the one who will be working with them,” Joko said.

Basuki, who will step in as governor after Joko assumes his presidential duties in October, said he had high hopes the DPRD would approve the city administration’s e-budgeting program and that the legislature would not mark up the budgets for projects under their care.

“Not a cent of the people’s money should go to waste. I also hope the new DPRD [members] would approve the scholarship program, since 40 percent of Jakarta residents who are aged between 16 to 18 years old are not in school,” Basuki said, referring to one of the Jakarta administration’s education programs.

“Another urgent matter is that we want to catalog each item and services [needed in various projects and programs]. There will be no more procurement, it’s about [e-budgeting]. We also hope there will be support for programs covering street vendors and the Kota Tua [revitalization] project, as the previous legislature was supportive of them,” he said.

Basuki emphasized he was unfazed by the fact that the number of DPRD members in the 2014-19 legislature had increased to 106 from the previous 94.

“There are more members in the Jakarta DPRD, [but] it’s OK. I’m not afraid,” he said. “I have more solid support now: the president. When Jokowi becomes president, he will back me up.”

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