Joko Fires City Employee for Playing Video Games: Report

Jakarta Governor Joko Widodo is convinced that his party, the Democratic Party of Struggle (PDI-P), will win the legislative elections in 2014. (JG Photo/Safira Aulia)

By : Jakarta Globe | on 5:16 PM October 18, 2013
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Jakarta Governor Joko Widodo did not say a word to the employee caught playing video games during a surprise visit to the offices of the city's small-and-medium enterprises agency.

But on his way out of the building, Joko told his assistant to take down the employee's name so that he could be fired.

“It's actually alright to play games, but they should be able to process [permit applications] in five minutes,” Joko said later, according to Indonesian news portal “But if they need two weeks to process [permits], how can they play games?”

He visited the East Jakarta offices unannounced on Friday — the second time he has done so. Accompanied by East Jakarta Mayor H.R. Krisdianto and integrated services (PTSP) head Husnul Chotimah, Joko proceeded directly to the PTSP offices.

“How does one get a SIUP [business permit]?" he asked an employee. "How many days does it take? Where should I go after this?”

“Three days, sir," the official reportedly replied,

But an applicant named Rofi Nata who was in line for a permit told the governor that the process takes two weeks.

Joko went to the third floor, bringing with him a list of the companies and business that had registered for permits. He asked office staff there to teach him how to input the information so that he could do it himself.

“How do I input this?" he asked. "What's the password?"

Office staff told him that agency head Johan Afandithe was the only one who knew the password, but he was nowhere to be found and no one knew where he was.

At this point, Joko reportedly saw an employee trying to covertly close down a computer game he had been playing.

The governor threw the papers he had been holding onto a table, asked for the names of all third floor staff, and while two officials tried to explain the situation, he walked to his car without speaking and slammed the door.

PTSP is still a pilot project in Jakarta. The governor made his first unannounced visit there on July 16.

Back at City Hall, Joko said the agency needed to become more efficient.

“The speed should be faster," he said. "Just type some sentences, input the information, fill in the form, type it, enter, sign it and issue it. It's not difficult."

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