New Provinces Receive the Nod

By : Markus Junianto Sihaloho | on 10:15 AM October 26, 2013
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The House of Representatives on Friday agreed to the formation of 65 new administrative areas, including the creation of eight new provinces. Three of the new provinces, and 26 new districts and mayoralties will be located on the island of New Guinea.

The House’s agreement, given by acclaim, will be forwarded to the government for approval, House Speaker Marzuki Alie said.

“With these new regions, it is hoped that we can shorten the line of authority, improve land and security aspects, and no less importantly, reflect historical and cultural realities,” Marzuki said.

He said it was hoped that the new regions, especially in areas bordering neighboring nations, will enable speedier development so they are less vulnerable to the territorial claims of other countries.

“We hope everything will go smoothly,” he added.

The eight new provinces are Sumbawa Island, South Papua, Central Papua, Southwest Papua, Tapanuli, Nias Islands, Kapuas Raya and Bolang Mongondow Raya.

From Papua province, the new regions created are the districts of Gili Menawa, Moyo, Balin Senter, Bogogha, Puncak Trikora, Muara Digul, Admi Korbay, Katengban, Okika, Northwest Yapen, East Yapen, Numfor Island, Yalimek, Mambera Hulu, Southwest Yahukimo, East Yahukimo and Gondumisisare, and municipalities of Merauke City and Baliem Valley.

In West Papua, the new regions are the districts of Malamoy, Maibratsau, North Raja Ampat , South Raja Ampat, Raja Maskona, Okas, Manokwari City, West Manokwari and Imeo.

The other new districts are Pantai Barat Mandailing in North Sumatra, Kundur Islands in the Riau Islands province, Renah Indra Jati in West Sumatra, the Muaro Bungo municipality in Jambi, the Lembak district in Bengkulu, and the district of Bigi Maria and Pantai Timur in South Sumatra.

There will be three new districts in West Java — South Garut, North Sukabumi, and West Bogor.

Kalimantan will see four new districts: Sekayam Raya and Banua Banjak in West Kalimatan, and South Berau Pesisir and South Paser in East Kalimantan.

Sulawesi will see new districts — Talaud Selatan in North Sulawesi, South Bone in South Sulawesi, and Bolio Huto, Panip and West Gorontalo in Gorontalo — and two new municipalities — Tahuna and Langoa, both in North Sulawesi.

The other new regions are the district of South Lombok on Lombok island, the district of Adonara and the municipality of Maumere on Flores island, as well as the districts of Wasile and Obi islands in North Maluku.

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