‘Nightlife Rules Needed for Police’

Soldiers and police put on a friendly front in Solo. The military is demanding a greater role in counterterror operations to assist the police, a move human rights defenders have warned could prove perilous for Indonesia's hard-won democracy. (JG Photo/Ali Lutfi)

By : Jakarta Globe | on 9:45 AM October 22, 2013
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Soldiers and police put on a friendly front in Solo, Central Java, in this March, 8, 2013 file photo. (JG Photo/Ali Lutfi) Soldiers and police put on a friendly front in Solo, Central Java, in this March, 8, 2013 file photo. (JG Photo/Ali Lutfi)

A member of the National Police Commission has called for a regulation that would require police and military officers to drop their status when entering nightclubs.

Kompolnas member Edi Saputra Hasibuan said that a brawl between members of the Indonesian Military (TNI) and the National Police at a Depok, West Java, karaoke bar — which left two Mobile Brigade (Brimob) officers injured and a soldier hospitalized with severe head wounds — was embarrassing.

Edi said that the incident had marred the reputation of both institutions.

“This is the result of discipline for members not being enforced maximally. These actions have been condoned,” Edi said.

The brawl started when Second Brig. Sugandi, of the Kelapa Dua Brimob, and another officer were reportedly jumped by four members of the TNI in the bar area of Venus Karaoke, in Depok Town Square, late Friday night. Four other Brimob members then entered the fray, according to the Jakarta Police.

Sugandi was stabbed in the stomach during the fight. Another police officer, Second. Brig. William, was slashed on his left hand. Both were admitted to nearby hospitals.

Second Sgt. Cholil, of an Army Strategic Reserve Command (Kostrad) unit in Ciluar, Bogor, suffered serious head wounds and was admitted to Gatot Subroto Military Hospital in Central Jakarta for treatment.

Edi said that ideally police members should drop their attributes when they go to night clubs. Abubakar Al Habsyi, a member of House Commission III, which oversees legal matters, also called on the National Police and TNI to carry out a serious evaluation.

“Let’s prevent things like this from happening over and over again,” he said.

Abubakar said that every unit should also enhance security to prevent their members from going in and out from the headquarters easily. He said that such measures were needed to prevent cases like the murder of inmates by soldiers in Cebongan, Yogyakarta.

Eleven members of the army’s Special Forces unit Kopassus were arrested on April 2 for breaking into Cebongan and murdering four detainees awaiting trial.

Military investigators have said the motive for the murders was revenge for the killing of their Kopassus colleague three days earlier in a cafe, for which the four detainees had been charged.

“Unit commanders in the National Police and in the TNI should also take action against their subordinates who hang out at night spots without any clear intention,” he said.

The Depok Police said that the brawl stemmed from a misunderstanding, which was confirmed by CCTV footage

Violent altercations between police and the military have occurred with alarming frequency since the two security forces were split in 1999.

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