Regional Elections: Who's Leading in Other Provinces? i

KPU commissioner Ferry Kurnia Rizkiyansyah monitors the counting information system used to keep track of the results of the 2017 simultaneous regional elections in Jakarta on Friday (17/02). (Antara Photo/Reno Esnir)

By : Ratri M. Siniwi | on 10:19 PM February 17, 2017
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Jakarta. The General Elections Commission, or KPU, announced the quick count results of this week's simultaneous regional elections in Bangka Belitung, Gorontalo, Yogyakarta and Pekanbaru on Friday (17/02).

In Bangka Belitung Province, candidate pair Erzaldi Rosman and Abdul Fatah won by securing 213,303 votes, or 38.95 percent of the total.

In contrast with Jakarta, where the winning candidate has to secure a minimum of 50 percent of the vote, candidates in other provinces only need more than 30 percent.

In Gorontalo, candidate pair Rusli Habibie and Idris Rahim won 50.65 percent of the total of 653,123 votes.

It was a close race in Yogyakarta, with candidate pair Haryadi Suyuti and Heroe Poerwadi defeating rival pair Imam Priyono and Achmad Fadli by a narrow margin of 0.6 percentage points, with 50.30 percent of the total.

In Pekanbaru, candidate pair Firdaus and Ayat Cahyadi won after securing 33.07 percent of the vote.

In Banten, candidate pair Wahidin Halim and Andika Hazrumy also won by a slim margin by securing 50.94 percent of the vote, while rival pair Rano Karno and Mulya Syarief had 49.06 percent.

Meanwhile, Ali Baal and Enny Anggraeny Anwar won in West Sulawesi with 38.80 percent, closely followed by rival pair Suhardi Duka and Kalma Katta, with 37.94 percent.

Quick counts are continuing in several provinces and regions, with 99 percent of the polling stations in West Sulawesi having been tallied by 6 p.m. on Friday.

The KPU will announce the official results of the regional elections on March 6.

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