3D Animation series "The Adventure of Unyil" Comes to Usee PRIME i

Digital & Strategic Portfolio Director Telkom, which is also Telkom Finance, Director Harry M. Zen (right) together with Head of the Creative Economy of Indonesia (BEKRAF) Triawan Munaf (center) and Director of the State Film Production M. Abduh Aziz after the launch of the first episode of The Adventure of Unyil series in Jakarta, Thursday (30/3).

By : JG | on 5:28 PM March 31, 2017
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PT Telkom Indonesia (Telkom) in collaboration with the State Owned Film Production (PFN) is ready to serve the "Serial Adventure of Si Unyil". The movie premiere episode which utilizes the 3D animation technology is scheduled to appear in UseePRIME start March 30 to April 1, 2017. The premiere is at the same moment of the National Movie Day which comes annually on 30 March.

"The Serial Production of The Adventure of Unyil" in 3D animation format is a step of synergy for the State Owned Enterprises (SOEs), specifically Telkom and PFN," said Acting Digital & Strategic Portfolio Director who is also the Finance Director of Telkom, Harry M. Zen during the launched of the series in Jakarta, Thursday (30/3).

Furthermore Harry said, Telkom is proud to be involved in the project that can be regarded as a cultural project. "As a digital telecommunications company, Telkom fully supports the development of creative industries in Indonesia," says Harry.

"Telkom's participation in the production of animated films, aside form Si Unyil also relfelcts the synergy to strive for local content that can be hosted in Indonesia, especially in this era of globalization," said Harry. He said, serving the Serial Adventure of Si Unyil is a real step for IndiHome Telkom to provide content that is more varied, interesting and educative for Indonesian families.

The 3D Animation series "The Adventures of Unyil" will present daily events theme but served in a smat way to provide high quality humor for kids that can be enjoyed with rich stories of Indonesia.

Although the target audience is primarily children, parents can also enjoy the series to bridge the communication between parents and children. "Telkom through network centric broadband video service is ready to provide positive contents, through The Adventure of Unyil," said Harry. He further said that content for children should be able to provide positive messages, instructive and inspiring to be more creative.

The Adventure of Unyil is a television series that first made its debut appearance in TVRI on April 5, 1981 and later on 2002. The series has then become one of the integral part of the Indonesian culture. Beside providing entertainment, Unyil also provide good message regarding moral and social values.

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