Indonesian Students Win Socio Digi Leaders 2017

Telkom's Director of Human Capital Management Herdy Harman handed trophies and prizes to the first winner of Socio Digi Leaders 2017, Share Cup, at the Grand Final of Socio Digi Leaders 2017 in Bandung (27/9). Share Cup is an idea in the field of marketing / advertising through the use of biogradable papercup to increase ad exposure and engagement with consumers.

By : JG | on 12:02 PM October 01, 2017
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After the success in 2016, PT Telkom Indonesia Tbk (Telkom) again held the Socio Digi Leaders in 2017. Socio Digi Leaders (SDL) is a program to attract young talents who have social sensitivity to implement concepts and ideas. Unlike the previous year, SDL 2017 is not only limited to digital application-based solutions and its participants are not limited within the country, but also abroad.

After completing a rigorous judging process, three Nanyang Technological University (NTU) students from Indonesia: Regina Eunike Febby, Steven Aditya and Joshua Nathanael Santoso won the SDL 2017. The Share Cup idea presented by the three students became the best of the 10 participants selected to attend the Grand Final of SDL 2017 held in Bandung Digital Valley on Wednesday (27/9).

Share Cup is an idea in the field of marketing / advertising through the use of biogradable papercup to increase ad exposure and engagement with consumers. Share Cup managed to beat other participants who this year not only followed by teams from Indonesia, but also abroad like Singapore, Australia, England, and the Netherlands. "Thanks to Telkom, who has provided various trainings that make us know our future steps. There are three things we learned that is, passion, hard work, and humbleness. Despite the champion, we still have to learn and continue to foster entrepreneurship spirit ", said Steven Aditya.

The second winner was the Travel Share Indonesia team who offered solutions for tourism in the form of volunteer platform in tourism development and third place was achieved by Markethub which has solutive idea for e-commerce area in the form of integrated marketplace management.

Telkom Director of Human Capital Management Herdy Harman said that as a State-Owned Enterprises (BUMN) in the digital telecommunication industry in Indonesia, since 2016 Telkom initiated an employer branding program to capture young talented social talents that promote creativity and innovation in the form of business concepts, management, social, education or technology. "Through this SDL Program, Telkom hopes to give birth to a young generation with broad vision and has solutions to solve various social problems in Indonesia and even world problems, be it digital or non-digital based solutions," said Herdy R. Harman.

The 2017 SDL Competition consists of several stages including registration and online proposal submission, on desk assessment of 100 large selection of participating teams, online pitching to capture 25 participating teams. The next 25 major teams participated in the bootcamp in Bali on 21-25 September 2017, a series of training that consisted of in-class training on business and financial management, team building, and Societal Needs Orientation (SNO).

Then the Top 10 participants presented their ideas and solutions before the jury. At the Grand Final stage, the 10 best teams perform the final presentation and get a direct assessment from Human Capital Management Director of Telkom Herdy Harman along with other judges including Director of Metra Digital Investama Portfolio Sandhy Widyasthana, Founder Young on Top Billy Boen, Puteri Indonesia 2005 Nadine Chandrawinata, and Founder Binar Academy Alamanda Shantika. The three best teams selected will earn cash, as well as the opportunity to conduct comparative studies to some of the top start-up headquarters in Europe, Hong Kong and Singapore.

As an employer branding program, Socio Digi Leaders is one step employee recruitment company to attract young talents to work and work in Telkom, so it is expected that Telkom can continue to maintain its position as one of the most admired company in Indonesia.

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