Minister of SOE Indonesia Visit TelkomGroup Crisis Center

Minister of SOE RI Rini M. Soemarno was accompanied by President Director of PT Telkom Indonesia Tbk (Telkom) when reviewing the progress of recovery of Satellite Telkom 1 service at Telkom Integrated Operation Center, Graha Merah Putih, Jakarta (31/8).

By : JG | on 12:01 PM September 03, 2017
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Minister of SOE Indonesia Rini M. Soemarno visited TelkomGroup Crisis Center to monitor the development of Telkom Satellite 1 service recovery at Telkom Integrated Operation Center (TIOC), Graha Merah Putih, Jakarta, Thursday (31/8). On the occasion, the Minister of SOEs directly saw the atmosphere of crisis center. The visit of RIni M. Soemarno this time is intended to give enthusiasm to all TelkomGroup personnel who are focusing on working to restore Telkom 1 satellite service led by PT Telkom Indonesia (Persero) Tbk (Telkom) President Director Alex J. Sinaga.

In his visit, Rini M. Soemarno also had the opportunity to provide moral support through video conference with the officers who are completing the recovery process in several locations in Indonesia including the Main Control Station (SPU) Cibinong and several Regional Telkom Offices.

Rini M. Soemarno expressed his appreciation for the handling of crisis by Telkom Management as well as all of TelkomGroup's technicians and employees due to anomalies that happened on Satellite Telkom 1. "I would like to thank TelkomGroup for handling crisis that has been done quickly and keep calm, so all parties especially customers, is very supportive of the handling and recovery process undertaken by Telkom and realize that this is an event beyond our control, "said Rini.

Until this morning, Telkom continues to accelerate the service recovery process optimally through the mobilization of all resources from TelkomGroup. More than 1000 TelkomGroup technicians from all over Indonesia are involved in service migration from Telkom 1 to Telkom 2, Telkom 3S and other satellites.

In accordance with the targets announced by TelkomGroup management, the migration process must be completed on September 10, 2017, all personnel focused on working for 7x24 hours under the command of the crisis center.

With the completion of providing a replacement transponder the service recovery work focuses on repointing ground segment antennas at the customer point. As of Thursday (31/8) this morning, there were 4647 customer sites including 4132 VSAT sites that have been fully migrated and operating normally. Nevertheless, hard work is still needed for as soon as possible to restore service up to 15,000 other sites. Currently, the site recovery speed has reached 1,200 sites per day.

Rini stressed that the solidity of all TelkomGroup employees is indispensable to accelerate service recovery. "I want to emphasize that TelkomGroup must continue to maintain this strongly established teamwork, so that the entire service recovery process can be accelerated and completed in accordance with predetermined targets," said RIni. Rini M.

Soemarno also hopes that this event can be used as experience for TelkomGroup to become Indonesia's digital telecommunication company that is getting stronger in the future and ready to compete in the global arena.

All TelkomGroup management expressed gratitude to the Minister of SOEs who are pleased to be present to provide moral support in order to increase the confidence and spirit of all employees to accelerate the settlement of disruption. On this occasion, TelkomGroup management invites the community to participate pray for the smooth and easy until the process is complete.

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