Telkom Awarded "Most Trusted Companies"

Telkom Finance Director, Harry M. Zen (third from left) pictured with Deputy Finance Minister Mardiasmo (second from right), Chairman IICG G. Suprayitno (second from left) and General Chief of SWA Group Kemal E. Gani (leftmost ) after receiving the award of Indonesia Most Trusted Companies in Jakarta, Monday (19/12).

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PT. Telkom Indonesia (Telkom) recieved the predicate as “The Most Trusted Company” based on “Corporate Governance Perception Index” and “Investors and Analysts Assessment Survey” during the Good Corporate Governance (GCG) Award 2016 held on Jakarta, Monday (19/12). For 2016, the award organized by SWA magazine together with the Indonesian Institute for Corporate Governance (IICG) under the thene (Corporate Governance in Sustainability Perspective”.

The award was presented by the Deputy Minister of Finance who was accompanied by Chairman IICG Mardiasmo G. Suprayitno to Telkom Finance Director Harry M. Zen. Harry convey a sense of pride in the achievements of Telkom. “We are very grateful to get recognition as the Most Trusted Company in Good Corporate Governance Award because it is becoming one of the proofs that the implementation of corporate governance Telkom goes well. This will motivate us provide the best for our stakeholders,” said Harry M. Zen.

According to Harry, GCG associated with the Company's bottom line. "If the good corporate governance, transparency and accountability in every step made by Telkom, Telkom means can gain sustainable advantage. On average, Telkom shareholders are long term institutional shareholders of the segment. They believe that because our bottom line reporting in accordance with reality, "said Harry M. Zen.

At the prestigious awards event, Telkom received 91.18 points. Rating Corporate Governance Perception Index (CGPI) by IICG covers 13 aspects of assessment, among Other Commitment, Transparency, Accountability, Responsibility, Independence, Justice, Leadership, Capability Strategy, Risk, Ethics, Culture and Sustainability. The evaluation is based on Investors and Analysts Assessment Survey conducted by a research team SWA to investors, analysts and fund managers with 6 variables, namely assessment of accountability, transparency, responsibility, commitment, independence, justice of minority shareholders.

The assessment process consists of four stages covering Self-Assessment which is filling the questionnaire by all organs, members and stakeholders of the company related to the quality of GCG implementation and the realization of the company's sustainability; Documentation system that submission of various documents that describe a set of processes and programs GCG implementation in the company and the realization of the company's sustainability; Preparation of paper as the eligibility assessment describes a series of processes and programs GCG implementation in the company, and observations as the final stage in the form of a confirmation vote directly to the company by the assessment team CGPI, 2015.

As the awards for the best company in Indonesia, both public companies, state-owned and non-state-owned and non-public, GCG Award and Conference 2016 provides an assessment based on Corporate Governance Perception Index (CGPI), a program of research and rating GCG implementation at company- companies in Indonesia through research design.

Thus, this will encourage these companies to continuously improve the quality of the application of the concept of corporate governance (CG) through continuous improvement (continuous improvement). In addition, they will also continue to conduct evaluations and benchmarking as part of the quality of improvement.

Before the award ceremony, the Director of Digital & Service Portfolio Telkom Indra Utoyo deliver a presentation entitled "Development of a Business Model TIMES Towards Business Growth Telkom Indonesia Based on Governance, Risk & Compliance" on GCG award in 2016.

Indra Utoyo express concepts in business development TIMES GCG which is already a commitment, in which Telkom has a dual listing, namely in Indonesia Stock Exchange (BEI) and the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), which requires a variety of standards, one of which is the GCG.

Furthermore, Indra explained, Telkom has five main pillars to strengthen good corporate governance that is effective leadership, clarity of duties and responsibilities, management capability and competence of employees, effective performance evaluation, as well as awards and stiffeners.

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