Telkom Launches The Digital SMEs Village

Director of Enterprise & Business Service Telkom, Muhammad Awaluddin and South Tangerang Mayor Airin Rachmi Diany at the launch of the SME Digital Village Program, Kampung Keranggan Goes Digital.

By : Press Release | on 10:08 AM June 03, 2015
Category : Corporate Updates

PT. Telkom Indonesia Tbk (Telkom) has always manage to participate and support the Government's program for the advancement of SMEs in Indonesia. One of the SME development program that is currently being formulated is the road show for "Program BAGUS Indonesia", a movement to foster the aspirations of One Million SMEs across Indonesia.

"Program BAGUS Indonesia" itself is the form of direct educational activities to introduce the benefits of the utilization of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) to the preparations of SMEs. Today, Telkom launched the SME Digital Village program which targets the urban and village areas where the community of SMEs has shown a significant growth.

"The Concept of the Kampung UKM Digital (SMEs Digital Village) is all about creating a comprehensive and integrated use of ICT to support business process that run in the village, so that the existing SMEs will grow independent and modern," said Director of Enterprise & Business Service Telkom, Muhammad Awaluddin in his speech at the inauguration of SMEs Gallery Keranggan Setu, South Tangerang City (1/6).

Housed in a SMEs owned gallery "Koperasi Cipta Boga" at Kampung Kerangan, Setu, South Tangerang City, Telkom cooperate with the South Tangerang City Government to launches the SMEs Digital Village program; Kampung Keranggan Goes Digital.

"Telkom supports for the development of Kampung Keranggan SMEs is in line with South Tangerang City Government program in developing the Ecowisata Cisadane, which is located right at the Cisadane river," said Awaluddin.

In the village, there are about 200s Keranggan residents who run various business, mostly snack or light meal. Production and marketing models, and yet, they were all still run traditionally through the galery of "Koperasi Cipta Boga".

"Through the Keranggan Goes Digital Village program, it is expected that the marketing that have been previously conducted offline can now be done online. The Keranggan SMEs village can take advantage of applications provided by Telkom such as BosToko, Jarvis-Store, and," said Awaluddin.

Realizing the toughest challenges in transforming the offline marketing systems into online, Telkom provides the Broadband Learning Center (BLC), which is available in the SMEs Cooperative Gallery. Through the BLC, all aspect of monitoring can be done through internet.

Awaluddin added, for the successful implementation of SME Digital Village, Telkom certainly does not stand alone. Telkom invited various parties to collaborate, known as Penta-Helix which consist of academics, actors of Business, Community, Bureaucracy and Media (concept ABCGM). The collaboration will accelerate the development of the ability of SMEs in Indonesia, "said Awaluddin who was accompanied by Head of the Division of Regional Telkom-2, Prasabri Pesti and Executive General Manager Business Service Division, Yusron Hariyadi.

This Digital SMEs village is a compelentary to the previous SMEs development programs such as the ICT education for SMEs at 500 SME centers in various cities, 20 Kampung Nelayan Digital, the "Program BAGUS Indonesia" roadshow in 30 cities.

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