Telkom Supports Small and Medium Enterprises In Global Business Expansion

By : JG | on 10:09 AM March 10, 2017
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The Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) is currently one of the drivers for the national economy. The important role of SMEs even implied in one of the points of Nawa Cita government about economic independence and domestic strategic sectors. In this global era, economic independence through SMEs is expected to influence the improvement of the competitiveness of the nation.

Stone and Wood Craft

Zulfian, one of the SMEs practitioner from the sector of handicrafts made of stone and wood, represented a portrait of the hero of the domestic economy that successfully introduced the beauty of natural stone and wood of Indonesia to buyers from various countries.

"I began to pursue this craft in 2003. Initially, I only wanted to use wood waste from furniture factories that are near the house," said Zulfian about his business ideas. In addition to utilizing the waste, he also wants to empower people in the neighborhood. After going through various trials to produce handicrafts, Zulfian eventually established his business by making an assortment box including jewelry boxes, tissue boxes, and even a variety of plaque under the banner of V&V Craft.

The difficulties faced by Zulfian reached PT Telkom Indonesia (Telkom). Through the Partnership Program and Community Development (CSR), Zulfian received help. Not only through capital assistance, but he also received training and facilities granted marketing of its products by offering a variety of exhibitions. "I am often invited to participate in the exhibition together with Telkom even overseas," said Zulfian.

Zulfian explained that he got two-time support from Telkom as well as various training, ranging from training in production, management, marketing, and packaging. He is also involved in the export training at the Training Center of the National Export (PPEN) Ministry of Trade of Indonesia in Jakarta.

Thanks to the participation to the show, Zulfian gained a lot of potential buyers both from home and abroad. Some national companies to SOEs have now become consumers. As for the export market, he has sent its products to Malaysia, Singapore, and South Africa.

Batik Wood

Batik is generally poured over the cloth. But for Catur Sugiyono, timber is the medium to pour the motif. Batik wood itself is a product of wooden batik with various motifs in accordance with the type and the desired model. The batik came with many forms such as frames, sculptures, sticks, and masks. Its appeal lies in batik motif, which is attractive and still retains a classic impression.

Batik Wood is known by the brand Catur Batik Wood, which is already spread across outlets in Jakarta and Bali, among others two places in Sarinah Thamrin, Central Jakarta, two places in the terminals E and D of Soekarno-Hatta Airport, Cengkareng, Tangerang, and three spots in Bali. Not only known for Indonesia, the works of wooden batik is also shipped overseas. Some countries, such as Malaysia, India, South Africa and France has become the destination of export products. Turnover had already reached hundreds of millions of rupiah per month.

Catur started his business in 1996, initially, he just made a mask of paint with a capital of Rp. 1.5 million. Sources of raw materials and the production of wooden batik located in the neighborhood that is in the area formerly Jogonalan, Bantul, Yogyakarta.

As the number of hotels and residential stands in Jakarta, Catur began to serve as a hotel and home decor elements. Having successfully mastered the domestic market, in 1999 Catur started exporting its products to several countries. In contrast to the domestic consumers, foreign consumers prefer products made by handmade with high difficulty level and of course high artistic value as well.

Catur gratefully thank Telkom for the support. According to Catur, Telkom's role is not limited to capitalization assistance, but also training and exhibitions. Ever since Catur participated the business management training facilitated by Telkom, his business has significantly increased as well as his export products.

Regarding its business tips, Catur said that both as a craftsman and entrepreneur, he must be keen to read the trends and always maintain the quality. "We to be one with our products. If we love our product, then the product will love us, he said. In the future, he was assisted by Telkom in preparing online marketing strategies so that their products will be known globally.

V&V Craft and Catur Batik Wood are two SMEs which Telkom chose to display their products as its first digital craft exhibition, Telkom Craft Indonesia, at 10-12 March 2017 in Hall A Jakarta Convention Center.

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