Telkom Uses New Technology From Geospatial Solutions Provider to Double IndiHome Subscribers

Telkom's headquarters in Jakarta. (JG Photo)

By : Sarah Yuniarni | on 2:25 PM October 07, 2016
Category : Corporate Updates

Jakarta. State-owned telecommunications company Telekomunikasi Indonesia, or Telkom, is using new technology from leading geospatial solutions provider Esri in a bid to double the number of subscribers to its internet and cable services, IndiHome, and reach 4 million by 2020.

Telkom uses Esri's location-based analytics tool, known as the ArcGIS platform, which integrates data from business systems, analyzing it and representing the data on a map. The platform provides the customer's location, demographics, market trends and the reach of the company's network service.

The software has been used mostly by military or intelligence agencies to support their operations.

"With location-based analytics technology, telecommunications companies have the capability to discover relationships, patterns, and trends that otherwise remain buried in social media feeds, static reports and graphs. This allows them to accurately determine the market potential and understand the risks and opportunities in the business," Esri Indonesia chief executive Achmad Istamar said in a statement on Thursday (06/10) .

He added the system is crucial in every aspect of decision-making as it can respond to customer queries, improve data service coverage or show new subscription plans and services. The technology also helps the company to monitor the areas where they have a high concentration of subscribers.

The existing business tools to analyze the data are often difficult to operate, which at the end does not allow the users to drill down to their own data.

"Telecommunications industry is experiencing data growth, and as organizations employ a number of different tools to drive decision-making, the need to see data on a map is growing," Achmad said.

Other companies, such as Petronas, Starbucks, Wendy's, Pertamina EP and Bank of America, have been using Esri's technology to increase their customer base and profit.

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