TelkomGroup To Monitor Telecommunication Network Quality and Customer Service For Year 2017 Celebration i

By : JG | on 1:44 PM January 03, 2017
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After going through a period of traffic spikes during Christmas Day last week while providing excellent service, TelkomGroup is currently back to check the network to consistently meet the needs of communication traffic at the turn of the New Year 2017. The preparation of network technical and customer service was conducted by TelkomGroup thoroughly and continuously to anticipate the decline network quality at the time of the traffic increase communication at New Year's Eve 2017.

To ensure network reliability and services to these customers, Telkom President Director Alex J. Sinaga Board of Directors along with other TelkomGroup directly visits the stations network and customer service TelkomGroup before New Year's Eve 2017 (31/12). The sites visited include the Contact Center in Building 147 Citiwalk, Telkomsel GraPARI 24 Hours Alia, STO Gambir, and ends with a visit to the Network Operation Center at Graha Merah Putih Telkom and Telkomsel Central Office to monitor the smooth running of telecommunications services throughout Indonesia.

TelkomGroup CEO Alex J. Sinaga revealed, the capacity of the network is able to serve the needs of communication increased compared to normal days. "We understand that the moment of the New Year is a celebration for the whole community so that the traffic both voice and data communications will increase sharply. We are ready to serve the needs and seek maximum comfort to its customers, "said Alex.

During his visit, the Board of Directors TelkomGroup also interacts directly with the clerk post about the preparations made and the obstacles that exist in the field. At the end of the visit, the directors TelkomGroup giving the gift of a new year as a form of encouragement to the officers a 24-hour command post to monitor the network since before Christmas Day December 25 last. Earlier, Director of Network, IT & Solution Abdus Somad Telkom Arief also do direct monitoring services and network readiness in Sumatra on 20 to 24 December 2017.

At the end of the visit, on behalf of the whole range of management and employees TelkomGroup, Alex congratulate the new year to all customers TelkomGroup. He hopes that in 2017 a harmonious relationship between Telkom and all customers can continue to increase.

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