TelkomGroup Siaga To Standby in Christmas & New Year 2017

Network Director, IT & Solution Abdus Somad Telkom Arief (fourth from right) during a check-up of TelkomGroup Siaga via a teleconference from the Regional Telecommunications (Witel) Jambi (23/12). TelkomGroup operates 83 the Main Post throughout Indonesia that would monitor and oversee the quality of telecommunications services for 24 hours.

By : JG | on 7:22 PM December 26, 2016
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Welcoming the period of Christmas and New Year 2017, PT Telkom Indonesia (Persero) (Telkom) is set to maintain in the national telecommunications traffic spikes. The maintenance was conducted by checking the readiness of infrastructure, production equipment, and services for customers. This is intended to ensure that all services TelkomGroup is in prime condition to meet customers' communications needs.

Under the watch of the Director of Network & Solution IT Telkom Arief Abdus Somad since Tuesday (20/12) has conducted a review directly to the various regions in Banten and Sumatra, the Merak, Lampung, Palembang, Jambi, Rengat, Pekanbaru, Bukittinggi, and Padang.

"As a provider of telecommunications services to the majority of the people of Indonesia, Telkom seeks to ensure that all services are under conditions of stable and reliable over time. In addition to preparing personnel to continuously monitor network and service TelkomGroup for 24 hours, we also conduct direct inspection of signal strength, the review base stations, as well as infrastructure and production tools other TelkomGroup, "said Director of Network, IT & Solution Telkom Abdus Somad Arief, while reviewing BTS Telkomsel in Merak, Wednesday (21/12).

In addition, starting today (23/12), Telkom also held a TelkomGroup Siaga, a post-station to monitor the stability of the telecommunications infrastructure and services for 24 hours, where the telecommunications needs predictable surges entering a period from 23 December 2016-3 January 2017.

TelkomGroup Siaga are actively engaged in protection services in areas of strategic importance. It also specifically oversees the reliability of services in public facilities, especially in locations where important events, the public is underway.

"The existence of TelkomGroup Siaga is expected to add a sense of comfort and provide maximum benefits for customers and the whole Indonesian people who were rejoicing in touch with family, without the need to experience or feel the slightest discomfort," said Abdus Somad Arief.

"All employees of TelkomGroup is ready to escort the telecommunications service 7x24 hours in order to enhance customer satisfaction for enjoying the Christmas holiday and the new year," concludes Abdus Somad Arief.

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