Telkom’s Digital SME Village Launches In Bandung

Director of Enterprise & Business Service Telkom Muhammad Awaluddin together with the Head of Department of Cooperatives and SMEs and Industry Bandung, Eric Mohamad Atthauriq, at the launch of the SME Kampung Digital, SKOCI, Bandung (12/1)

By : Press Release | on 2:19 PM June 15, 2015
Category : Corporate Updates

As a continuation of the Kampung UKM Digital (The Digital SME Village) program at the Keranggan Village, South Tangerang City, PT. Telkom Indonesia Tbk (Telkom) now aims for other cities in Indonesia. After the launch of the Digital SME Village of Mojokerto, this time, Sentra Kaos Suci Bandung (SKOCI) becomes the center launch of the Digital SME Village.

Telkom innovation in the launch of the SME Digital Village program is part of the company’s support for the advancement of SMEs in Indonesia. The program is also in-line with the recent Roadshow of Program Bagus Indonesia (GREAT Indonesia Program), a movement to foster aspiration of One Million SMEs across Indonesia. GREAT Indonesia Program itself involves direct educational activities to introduce the benefits of utilization of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) to SMEs.

“The concept of the Digital SMEs Village is to use ICT in a comprehensive and integrated way to support business process running in a village or area, so that SMEs become more advanced, independent and modern,” said Director of Enterprise & Business Service Telkom, Muhammad Awaluddin in his speech at the launch of the Digital SMEs Village Program at SKOCI, Bandung.

“With the concept of SKOCI Goes Digital, all the product marketing and business process that have been focused offline can now be done online. SMEs at SKOCI can take advantage of application provided by Telkom such as BosToko, Jarvis-Store, and, as well as application-related to logistics, finance, to human resources,” added Awaluddin.

On the same occasion, Telkom also conducted the signing of the contract agreement for a wide range of services and applications such as StarConnect, Jarvis-Store,, wi-fi, DELIMA Point and CUG Telkomsel.

"For the successful implementation of SME Digital Village, Telkom certainly does not stand alone. Telkom also collaborate with other parties, known as Penta-Helix that involve academics, Business people, Community, Bureaucracy and Media. The collaboration will accelerate the development of the ability of SMEs in Indonesia, "said Awaluddin accompanied by Telkom Regional Jabar (West Java) and Executive General Manager Business Service Division of Telkom, Yusron Hariyadi.

“With the launch of the SME Digital Village at SKOCI, we believe that 60 village will be unfold until the end of this year. This is strategy is part of our program towards the digitalization era in 2014”, said Awaluddin in such an optimistic voice.

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