Unilever Indonesia Marks 35 Years in IDX

Consumer goods giant Unilever Indonesia opens Indonesia Stock Exchange's (IDX) trading day on Wednesday (11/01) in celebration of their 35 years as a publicly traded company. (Photo courtesy of Unilever Indonesia)

By : Dhania Putri Sarahtika | on 4:55 PM January 11, 2017
Category : Corporate Updates

Jakarta. Consumer goods giant Unilever Indonesia celebrated 35 years as a publicly traded company in Indonesia on Wednesday (11/01), during which time it has gone through stellar growth and yielded spectacular return for investors.

The company, whose products range from shampoos and soaps to margarine and soy sauce, is among the largest companies in Indonesia, and the most profitable.

Unilever Indonesia's assets have increased more than 110-fold over the 35 years it has been listed in the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX), an official statement said, from Rp 140 billion ($10 million) in early 1982 to Rp 16.8 trillion in the third quarter of 2016.

Its stock value had soared 1,570 times its initial public offering (IPO) over the three and a half decades.

"In the last 35 years, Unilever Indonesia's stock performance has continued to surge. If an investor bought 1,000 shares during our IPO — at Rp 3,175 per share — those shares would be worth Rp 5 billion today," Unilever Indonesia President Director Hermant Bakshi said.

Since 1982, the company's turnover had increased 229 times from Rp 159 billion to Rp 36.5 trillion in 2015. Its return on equity (ROE), a measure on how much profit the company can make for each rupiah of its shareholders' equity, rocketed from 34 percent to 122 percent by the end of 2015.

In the last 3 months, an average of 2 million Unilever shares are traded each day.

"At the end of last year, we were the 5th largest company on stock-market capitalization, standing at Rp 296 trillion, or about 5.1 percent of the total stock-market capitalization," Bakshi added.

The achievement led Unilever to win the Best Listed Company Award in 2012 and 2013. The award acknowledged companies with market capitalization of more than Rp 10 trillion.

Last year, along with 10 other listed companies, Unilever Indonesia received the IDX Top Ten Blue award.

Unilever Indonesia stands by its 4G principles in running the company's business — consistent growth, profitable growth, competitive growth and sustainable growth.

"To ensure sustainable growth for our businesses, we have a strategy called the Unilever Sustainable Living Plan (USLP). It stimulates growth while at the same time reduces environmental impact and offers plenty of social benefits," Bakshi said.

Launched in 2010, USLP has three goals: to improve the health and welfare of 1 billion people by 2020, to reduce environmental impact by half by 2030 and to upgrade the livelihoods of millions by 2020.

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