YLKI Supports Telkom To Prioritize The Recovery of Satellite Customer Service 1

Chairman of YLKI Tulus Abadi (far right) with Director of Network & IT Solution Zulhelfi Abidin (fourth from right) and Telkom Consumer Service Director Mas'ud Khamid (second from right) listening to the National Chief of Operation Crisis Center presentation Herlan Wijanarko related to the development of service recovery Telkom 1 Telkom Satellite subscriber at Graha Merah Putih, Jakarta (7/9).

By : JG | on 4:05 PM September 08, 2017
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In order to provide the support to PT Telkom Indonesia (Telkom) in completing the recovery of Telkom 1 Satellite customer service, the Chairman of the Indonesian Consumers Foundation (YLKI) Tulus Abadi paid a visit to Crisis Center of Telkom 1 Satellite Service Recovery at Graha Merah White Jakarta, Thursday (7/9). The visit was received by Network & IT Solutions Director Zulhelfi Abidin and Telkom's Consumer Service Director Mas'ud Khamid.

During his visit, Tulus Abadi expressed his appreciation to Telkom's Management Ranks and all TelkomGroup personnel involved in the recovery of customer service affected by Telkom Satellite 1 disturbance. "We are grateful to the entire management and personnel of TelkomGroup who have worked 24 hours and sacrificed the gathering time with family. This is certainly done for the consumers, the people and the state of Indonesia. We hope that Telkom can meet the specified deadlines, thankfully if the settlement can be faster. We hope Telkom can show achievement in handling this complicated issue, "said Tulus.

As an agency that handles consumer protection, YLKI will continue to support Telkom until all customer service can function normally again. "In this event, we will also cooperate with Telkom to continuously monitor the progress of recovery efforts made by Telkom, as this has a direct impact on the end user. From this visit, YLKI can see the hard work and maximum effort of Telkom to solve the problem with highly structured and organized, so this can be our learning all. Hopefully, this condition will return to normal as usual, "said Tulus.

Meanwhile, Zulhelfi Abidin delivered the progress recovery of Telkom Satellite service which so far runs steadily in accordance with the target determined every day. "Until Thursday (7/9) at 10:00 am, the completion of repointing ground segment antennas has reached 81%, meaning that from a total of 15,000 sites, about 12,125 sites have been normal again. For ATM service sites, Telkom has restored 8,975 sites from the targeted 11,574 sites, or 78% of ATM sites have recovered, "Zulhelfi said.

As a commitment to the completion of all customer service sites up to September 10, 2017, Telkom ensures that as many as 2,195 engineers and technicians are always on hand to guard the 24-hour recovery. For that, Telkom appealed for the support of the entire community so that the entire recovery process, especially repointing antenna ground segment in all sites run smoothly.

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