Latest TV Innovations for State-of-the-Art Viewing Experience

The Samsung QLED TV takes binge-watching to the next level with its technical innovations and sleek design. (Photo courtesy of Samsung Electronics Indonesia)

By : Dhania Putri Sarahtika | on 8:46 PM July 13, 2017
Category : Special Updates

Binge-watching movies and TV shows while staying in is the new "it" hobby. Being a recluse on the weekends is no longer a shameful activity for loners. Millennials take pride in staying in and watching "Game of Thrones" for five hours straight.

Many settle with their laptop or conventional TV to keep up with up-to-date programs without realizing they could actually upgrade their viewing experience. The latest innovations in TV will take your viewing experience to the next level. Say hello to Samsung QLED TV.

Samsung is behind this amazing portal into another realm. The QLED TV finally allows you to observe the smallest details of filmmakers' handiwork while at the same time having a stylish piece of electronics to complement your room's design. Let's see how this thing works.

1. Vivid Colors

Tune in on "Fear the Walking Dead" and you'll wonder why you get more terrified than usual at seeing the gory zombies. Otherwise play one of the space movies you love and see how it beckons at you to explore the uncharted territory, but at the same time makes you more claustrophobic than ever.

The QLED TV comes with cutting-edge picture performance. The High Dynamic Range screen allows you to see the details of a scene more clearly. Moreover, the curved design gives any viewing angle a picture perfect view.

Colors remain pure and almost identical to what we see in real lifeĀ even at maximum brightness, thanks to the metal alloy quantum dots. The quantum dot technology can express almost all colors in the color volume, producing accurate, lifelike hues. You are definitely in for a never-before viewing experience with the QLED TV.

2. Piece of Art

Samsung QLED TV is not just a piece of electronics, but also a piece of art. Starting from its 360-degree curved design up to the metal finish on the back, the TV sparks elegance from front to back.

Hung on your wall with just a single, thin optical cable, the elegant TV looks like an art installation in a gallery. Otherwise, a studio stand is also available to make your TV look like a canvas on an easel.

The almost frameless look is also part of its charm. With a very thin bezel, you will feel like whatever you're watching is a floating image that just magically appears on your wall.

3. Smart Control

The word "smart" seems to be etched onto every electronic appliance these days. "Smart" means you buy one thing with features so comprehensive that you hardly have to buy anything else, and that's pretty much what you will get with the QLED TV.

Besides watching your usual channels, you can access streaming platforms not to mention play online games on your TV with QLED's Smart Hub. It also enables you to watch previews and save favorites for later on.

Another smart feature is the one-for-all remote control. Apart from changing channels, you can use the handset to operate game consoles, blu-ray players, and pay-tv boxes.

A smarter move is using your smartphone as the remote control. With the Smart View App, you can control your TV and play content from your smartphone.

With Samsung QLED TV, you will always say yes to staying in and keeping up with your favorite fictional companions. See for yourself how the TV works wonders.

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