With This Smartphone, Multitasking Has Never Felt Better

With the Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro, you can go back and forth from one task to another without causing the phone to get sluggish or draining its battery. (Reuters Photo/Stefan Wermuth)

By : Jakarta Globe | on 6:44 PM June 09, 2017
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In a fast-paced modern life, things won't wait until you sit down and finish your coffee. As you embark on your professional life, tasks keep coming to overwhelm you if you don't hurry up to get them done. In minutes, missed calls and unread messages pile up on your phone — and let's not forget those emails labelled "urgent."

That's why you need a companion that will follow you anywhere and enable you to stay connected every second. You already have your smartphone to do that, but is it smart enough to help you keep up with everything?

Every smartphone promises the latest innovations, but how many of them can actually streamline your job? You'll find yourself changing phones at least once a year because they are prone to get laggy after a while or have a battery that takes hours to charge yet dies down in minutes.

That won't be the case with the Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro because it's more than just a smartphone. With its incredible features, you can go back and forth from one task to another with ease.

1. Does your tasks without getting sluggish

You need at least 3GB of RAM for your smartphone to perform optimally, but Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro gives you double that. It offers you 6GB of RAM, so your phone is more than up for multitasking — perhaps even better than your laptop.

Moreover, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 653 processor lets the phone perform even better. Having many apps operating at the same time or clicking the home button repeatedly won't cause your phone to get sluggish.

(Photo courtesy of Samsung) (Reuters Photo/Stefan Wermuth)

Another unique feature of the phone is that while most phones only allow dual SIM cards OR one SIM and one micro SD, you can get the best of both worlds with the Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro. With it, you can use 2 SIM cards and a micro SD simultaneously.

2. Doesn't die down easily

One of the problems of getting multiple things done on your device is having the battery drain so quickly. You leave home with your battery at 100 percent, and by midday it is already at 50 percent.

Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro has a battery power of 4000 mAh which is enough to accommodate all your multitasking without dying on you in just a few hours.

It also only takes on average 104 minutes to recharge its battery so you can spend less time worrying about your phone not being at an arm's length.

Flexibility is among its latest features. The smartphone uses USB type C, which means you don't have to worry which way to plug in the charging connector because it's reversible.

3. Larger screen, better view

One of the pet peeves of using a smartphone for your professional tasks is its small screen. Bringing a laptop everywhere seems inconvenient, especially for small tasks, but having both a tablet and a phone are also impractical.

But the latest Samsung Galaxy smartphone is a true phablet, boasting a spacious 6-inch screen for your comfort. The Super Amoled display makes everything look more appealing because it reproduces colors that match up to 90 percent of the originals. Whether it is for proofreading documents or watching video tutorials, the phone guarantees incredible visuals.

4.Takes photos like a champ

Cameras may not be among your top priorities, but they are definitely not something to overlook. At work, a high-quality camera allows you to capture presentation slides better during meetings and scan documents more clearly. The C9 Pro's 16 MP front and rear cameras with F1.9 lenses will make life, and work, easier for you.

(Photo courtesy of Samsung) (Reuters Photo/Stefan Wermuth)

If your job involves photography or videography, those features, coupled with the camera's improved low-light settings and beautifying effects, will help a lot. And with a 64GB internal memory — expandable to up to 256GB using a micro SD — you can save as many photos, videos and documents as you want.

5. Boasts an elegant look

Dress for the job you want doesn't only apply to clothes, but also to the smallest accessories and other things constantly latched on your person — your phone included. That's why you should choose a smartphone that compliments your professional look.

With its slim design and smooth full metal unibody, Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro blends in with any surroundings whether it's an office or a formal reception.

The smartphone also comes in three elegant colors: black, gold and rose gold.

With Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro, multitasking will be a breeze and you'll get a design that's going to steal the attention of your co-workers. Check out more about the phone's features and availability here.



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