Total Losses for Jakarta Flooding Hit Rp 32 Trillion

By : webadmin | on 8:44 AM February 01, 2013
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Wahyu Sudoyo

The recent floods in Jakarta and surrounding areas are estimated to have caused Rp 32 trillion ($3.3 billion) in losses.

“The figure for the losses incurred by the floods is Rp 32 trillion. This includes potential losses in the Greater Jakarta areas [Jabodetabek] of about Rp 7 trillion to Rp 8 trillion, while the economic recovery [cost] for those areas is predicted to reach 3-4 times, or around Rp 21 trillion to Rp 32 trillion,” Yani Miryam, head of the women’s wing of the People’s Conscience Party (Hanura), said on Wednesday.

Yani regretted the huge loss, saying that Rp 32 trillion could be used to build infrastructure. She urged the government to solve the persistent flooding problem.

“Until now, several roads in Jakarta still could not be crossed because they were inundated,” she said.

Yani recommended several anticipatory measures for the government to take in addressing the flood problem comprehensively such as the need to build infrastructure, funding and political will.

Anticipatory measures are to accelerate the development of the Rp 1.43 trillion Jakarta Emergency Dredging Initiative project, which would help increase the capacity of the West Flood Canal, as well as the building of a Rp 700 billion, 2.1-kilometer canal project from the Ciliwung River to the East Flood Canal.

“We’re also suggesting to accelerate [the] making [of] 10,000 infiltration wells, developing the multifunction deep tunnel [project] which is expected to require around Rp 16 trillion in investment, and to accelerate the development of the Ciawi dam.”

She continued, “to improve the land condition in the upstream and downstream areas by increasing green areas so that they can absorb more water.”

Yani added that financial support to accelerate the infrastructure development for the flood control programs could be obtained from the government, public and private sectors.

She added that the development of the Rp 16 trillion multifunction deep tunnel project should be funded jointly between the Jakarta city administration, the central government and investors.

Funding for the flood control program could also be raised from the private sector by asking companies to allocate their corporate social responsibility program budgets to support the flood control projects.

“We encourage the corporate [sector] to allocate their CSR budget to support flood control programs so that the flood problem can be solved jointly by the public, government and corporate [sector],” Yani said.

Her organization also encourages all political parties to give concrete support to the central government and city administration to solve t he flood problem.

Yani added that the stability of a country is reflected in its ability to provide sufficient infrastructure, including how it handles the flood problem.

Jakarta Governor Joko Widodo has vowed to audit documents relating to the design of buildings in the capital immediately after the city finishes with flood-relief efforts.

The governor alleged that many buildings were built on lands that were supposed to be used as water catchment and green areas, disrupting the city’s drainage system and causing flooding.