Indonesian National Gallery Spearheads Art Appreciation Program

Participants appreciate the work of I Nyoman Nuarta at NuArt Sculpture Park, Bandung. (Photo Courtesy of Galeri Nasional Indonesia)

By : Sheany | on 2:24 PM November 10, 2016
Category : Life & Style, Arts & Culture

Jakarta. Following similar events around the country, the Indonesian National Gallery launched an art education program focusing on the local art scene at the NuArt Sculpture Park in Bandung, West Java, on Monday (07/11).

The program focuses on increasing the quality of art appreciation by covering guidelines on visiting exhibitions and what to look for.

Tuabgus "Andre" Sukmana, head of the gallery, said the gallery hopes to increase appreciation of local art, eventually raising visitor numbers to museums and galleries across the country.

“We hope that participants will be an agent of change for themselves and those around them, to inspire art appreciation,” he said.

More than 100 educators and students from around Bandung took part in the program on Monday, getting involved in workshops and discussions led by Tubagus, NuaArt Sculpture Park's Agus Sudrajat and motivator Zamrud Setya Negara.

The program first launched a year ago and has continued in several cities, including a visit to Solo in August.



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