Bangladesh Aims to Raise ICT Export Earnings to $5 Bln in 2021: Minister

An Ecuadorian bank and Wells Fargo have reached an out-of-court settlement over a 2015 cyberheist, providing a possible precedent for the Bangladesh central bank's planned suit to recover $66 million still lost in one of the world's biggest such cases. (Reuters Photo/Mohammad Ponir Hossain)

By : Serajul Quadir | on 7:00 AM November 19, 2017
Category : International, Asia-Pacific

Dhaka. Bangladesh aims to raise its export earnings from the information and communications technology (ICT) sector to $5 billion in 2021, said Zunaid Ahmed Palak, Junior Minister for ICT division of the Ministry of Post, Telecommunications and Information Technology.

He told Reuters the country earned $800 million from the sector last year and that this will reach $1 billion for the fiscal year ending next June.

European countries, the United States, Canada, Russia and India are among the main buyers for the sector, he said.

To showcase the sector to other countries, the ministry is organizing a four-day exposition and conference from Dec. 6. He said 162 organizations from around the world would be involved.

"To develop the sector along with the policy support, the government is also providing a 10 percent cash incentive and 100 percent tax exemption facility," the minister said.

He said that to achieve the target the ministry is working to develop human resources and has been carrying out training for young people and collaborating with academic institutions.

"We have also focused on better production and developing infrastructure," he said.

He said that in view of the country's rapid economic growth the ministry was also working to train up cyber security experts.

"The size of the economy is $246 billion, the growth of economy is more than 7 percent for the last couple of years, so we need to focus on cyber security,” he said.


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