The 2nd Million IndiHome Customer from Sorong

The 2nd Million IndiHome Customer from Sorong

JULY 11, 2017

After the end of 2015 IndiHome customers reach 1 million subscribers, in mid-2017 IndiHome re-incised achievements by successfully reaching IndiHome 2 million customers as of 30 June 2017. The 2 millionth IndiHome customer is listed on behalf of Mr. Sukatman with its address at Jl. Durian, Malawili Village, Sorong District - West Papua Province.

"This achievement is supported from all parties, especially customers who continue to give high trust to Telkom to provide Digital Home services that will support the achievement of Smart Family. For that we thank all IndiHome customers who have been loyal to use Telkom service, Mas'ud said in Bandung, Wednesday (5/7). Added Mas'ud, this can be a good momentum in improving the spirit, hard work and smart work of all Telkom to provide the best service for customers so that it is expected that by the end of 2017 IndiHome customers can reach 3 million subscribers.

Meanwhile, Mr. Sukatman as the 2nd IndiHome subscribers feel proud and happy because with the presence of IndiHome will provide many benefits for its activities as an employee of a company. In addition, of course, the family really enjoy the digital home service provided by IndiHome. Triple Play service offered by IndiHome makes it easy for customers to enjoy high-speed internet service, interactive TV through UseeTV and also home phone.

As a telecommunication company, Telkom with its main program Indonesia Digital Network wants to participate in supporting the realization of digitization of the nation, minimizing the digital divide that is in line with the message of the President of Indonesia Jokowi Widodo that "The Digital Revolution Revolutionize Indonesian Economy". To that end, Telkom built a fiber optic infrastructure network stretching from Sabang to Merauke, ensuring internet access speeds up to 100 Mbps evenly throughout Indonesia.

Telkom is committed to continue the development of telecommunication infrastructure throughout Indonesia, especially IndiHome Fiber services. In addition to providing the best service to all levels of society, Telkom's network presence also aims to improve the competitiveness of the nation and the Indonesian economy.