Bank Ekonomi Supports Environmental Program Through Animation

Bank Ekonomi Supports Environmental Program Through Animation


MARCH 26, 2015

Bank Ekonomi partners with Greeneration Foundation in running their newest Corporate Social Responsibility program named “Banyu's Adventure” by raising the issue of energy campaign. The peak of the program has been conducted in SDN Tanjung Barta 05, SDN Manggarai 03, dan SDN Kembangan Utara 09 Jakarta, and is colored through the launch of the website at Blitz Megaplex, Grand Indonesia, Jakarta.

Wahyu Adiguna, Head of Corporate Communication for Bank Ekonomi said that in doing business, Bank Ekonomi seeks to apply the principles of environmentally friendly, which is of course expected to provide long-term benefits for all stakeholders. "Environmental conservation efforts should be the responsibility of the whole Indonesian people, including Bank Ekonomi as a financial institution that has been present in the midst of the community for 25 years", said Wahyu during the ceremony.

Wahyu further explained that the initiative for environmental friendly is implemented both in terms of maintaining business continuity through risk and sustainability policies of the daily operations on a large program namely “Begreen” (Bank Ekonomi Goes Green). "It's important what we enjoy today will still be enjoyed by future generations."

The environmental education programs that have been conducted during February to March in 3 elementary school based in Jakarta also involved Bank Ekonomi employees as volunteer to carry out series of interactive educational activities with the elementary students.

The activities in the BlitzMegaplex, Grand Indonesia begin with the screening of the animation film "The Adventures of Banyu and Elektra", a visualization that depicts two figures as police energy, in search for energy waste that occurs in schools. The purpose of this activity so that students can determine how energy (especially electricity) plays vital role in everyday life, as well as the impact of energy waste and what can be done to harness the energy wisely.

In the implementation of CSR activities, Bank Ekonomi has always adhered to the aspects of sustainability executed in community programs (community investment). The main focus of the Bank's CSR activities is the Education of Economic, Environmental and Social Welfare. Employee involvement as volunteers are the backbone of each program.