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Bappebti Answers Ombudsman’s Summons on Delayed Crypto Bourse

February 8, 2023 | 7:27 pm
Ombudsman Yeka Hendra Fatika. (B Universe Photo/Vinnilya Huanggrio)
Ombudsman Yeka Hendra Fatika. (B Universe Photo/Vinnilya Huanggrio)

Jakarta. The Commodity Futures Trading Regulatory Agency, or Bappebti, on Wednesday answered the Indonesian Ombudsman’s summons regarding the overdue crypto bourse launch.

Bappebti’s legal bureau chief and licensing bureau head showed up to the Ombudsman’s summons.

The Ombudsman had prepared 15 questions to be asked to the regulatory body’s officials.

“These questions revolve around the procedures and why to this day Bappebti has not given a permit [for the crypto bourse],” Ombudsman Yeka Hendra Fatika told BTV on Wednesday.


This marked the Ombudsman’s first inquiry on the postponed crypto bourse case. 

The inquiry took place behind closed doors, and the Ombudsman refused to reveal any further information. The Ombudsman, however, plans to announce its findings on Feb. 28, once it concludes its final report.

“We hope that with all the questions the assistant examiner has prepared today, some data can be provided. So that it is complete and the Ombudsman can prepare the report next week,” Yeka said.

According to Yeka, the public would not have reported to the Ombudsman if Bappebti had done everything by the procedure. 

“The public files a report to the Ombudsman because they are demanding their rights. That is what the Ombudsman is currently examining, whether the complainant deserves to get justice,” Yeka said.

He added that the Ombudsman would probe into the alleged maladministration in today’s inquiry.

The government initially planned to roll out a crypto bourse in 2021, but then decided to push back the launch date to 2022. But the crypto bourse has yet to take shape to this day.

Digital Futures Exchange, a company that applied to be the operator of the crypto bourse, filed a complaint to the Ombudsman, alleging maladministration by Bappebti.

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