Energy Minister Igantius Jonan, left, and Belarus Ambassador to Indonesia Valery Kolesnik during the Belarus National Day celebration in Jakarta on Sept. 18. (The Peak Photo/Suhadi)

Belarus Expects to Double Bilateral Trade With Indonesia


SEPTEMBER 22, 2019

Jakarta. The bilateral relationship between Indonesia and Belarus in the past 26 years has been relying on trade and people-to-people contact.

"Since 26 years ago, our diplomatic relationship with Indonesia has been developed on the basis of friendship and mutual support and interests," Belarus Ambassador Valery Kolesnik said during the Belarus National Day celebration in Jakarta on Wednesday.

He said bilateral trade between the two countries reached a record high last year with a total value of $250,000.

"I believe we can double this amount, considering the strong potentials of both countries," Kolesnik said.

Belarus exports potassium and dump trucks to Indonesia. Meanwhile, Indonesia exports food products, rubber and palm oil to the former Soviet republic.

Belarus has been a strong supporter of Indonesia in international forums, including when Indonesia sought to become a non-permanent member of the United Nations Security Council – a position it now holds until next year.

The two countries have also developed strong partnerships in economy and science. The Eastern European country said it will work with Indonesia on several big-scale projects in the near future, including one on developing smart cities, the ambassador said.

At the event, Ambassador Kolesnik also congratulated Indonesia for its highly-praised simultaneous legislative and presidential elections this year.

Meanwhile, Energy Minister Ignatius Jonan thanked the government of Belarus for agreeing to a visa-free policy to ease movement between the two countries. 

"Trade between our countries has continued to grow in the past five years. We will work even closer to improve it further," Jonan said.

The government of Indonesia, according to Jonan, especially appreciates the close cooperation that has developed in science and technology, research and higher education and social and cultural activities with Belarus.

Indonesia also congratulated Belarus for the 100th anniversary of its diplomatic service, a landmark that was celebrated back in February.

The diplomatic relations between Indonesia and Belarus started 26 years ago when Belarus gained its independence from the Soviet Union.