Photo Courtesy JG/Dandy Roesman

Bio Farma To Nurture Life Science Industry In Indonesia

OCTOBER 20, 2015

Indonesia has always been regarded as a "Megabiodiversity Country" due to its unmatched biodiversity in the world. With such a rich biodiversity, it is important that Indonesia begin to build an industry that move towards life science, such as agriculture, fisheries, animal farming, tourism, medicine, and renewable energy.

There is no point of possessing an abundant wealth if the nation can-not use it for the welfare of its people. The condition will be even sadder if the wealth is exploited by other countries due to the inability in managing its resources. Most developed countries begin to understand the importance of life science as a future science and begin to approach countries such as Indonesia to acquire its source of biodiversity, especially raw materials.

"It is now the time to develop an industry based on the wealth of biodiversity. If you want this nation to become more independent, life science is the right solution," said President Director of PT Bio Farma (Persero), Iskandar, during the book launching of "Life Science for a Better Life" in Jakarta.

This 246 pages thick book, which was published in celebration of the 125 years of Bio Farma and is expected to inspire Indonesian people at once, and realize how strategic life science has become a solution to the nation's prosperity and independence.

According to Iskandar, the country's independency in developing the life science industry or products within the global market is a guarantee to be aligned with the other developed countries. In addition, it will also become the solution for the prosperity of the people. For hundreds of years, Bio Farma has proven its effective research on vaccine production. Bio Farma has been successfully developing a vaccine within the competitive global market which are processed from the biodiversity of Indonesia.

In Bio Farma, purification and breeding has become the main process in the development of biodiversity. Purification is necessary to preserve biological resources from extinction or the loss of original properties. Meanwhile, breeding is all about producing superior species cultivation.

Besides vaccine, Bio Farma is also implementing this technology in a number of animals such as koi fish and sheep. For Koi, the development took place at Sukabumi that involve farmer groups Mizumi Koi, who developed fish species to become a globally competitive products. This method successfully produces Koi Fish measuring up to 1.2 meters.

Furthermore, the purification of sheep races on Garut was conducted in the village of Wanajaya, Garut, Jawa Barat. This effort involves sheep farmers within the area as a base to cultivate purebred sheep, based on biotechnology. Iskandar said, the purification of the sheep race is very important due to the genetic quality of the population that continue to decline. In fact, the sheep races in Garut has an advantage because of different morphologic characteristics with other sheep in general.

Through the purification process, it is expected to get the best quality of sheep race with more economic value. As an example, an adult sheep body weight rose to 200 kg, which previously only reach a maximum of 125 kg. In addition, other business opportunities will also grow and chain up to much more efficient marketing.