The Booming of E-Commerce Business


NOVEMBER 10, 2015

Based on a survey conducted by Nielsen, it was shown that most internet users spend most of their time on social media rather than any average website. In Indonesia itself, about an approximately of 71 million Internet users (2014), 70 million of them have social media accounts. Indonesia is regarded as one of the biggest countries in Asia with the highest internet penetration, especially in Social Media.

With that remarkable number, it cannot be inferred that social media has become one of the essential tools for business (e-commerce) in Indonesia. Most entrepreneurs begin to understand the usability of social media for business, which they truly took big advantages of it.

For the past few years, there is a significant trend in the booming of online business. As the society has now gone wireless (also supported to the fact the big city in Indonesia is now surrounded with heavy traffics), most creative entrepreneurs begin to shift from a traditional shop into a digital shop. From a marketing perspective, besides of creating a fast and efficient trade system, online business certainly took benefit from the Indonesian society who spend most of their time on social media.

Social Media has become an effective medium to promote business since it is fast and reliable. Within a second, online shop can provide comprehensive updates about their products and services to their audience on the internet. Nowadays, with one simple click, a customer can order products and then get delivered in the next few hours. The social media plays a pivotal role, to enhance the information of a business. By extensive updates, customers will always be kept on the loop about a certain products and services.

The best way to enhance online business is definitely by setting-up renowned social media services such as Facebook and twitter. Within a certain time-frame, each online business can either post new product entries on Facebook, or tweet on a certain description related to the products on twitter. The ultimate key for online business is digital engagement with the audience.

As these online businesses begin to significantly expand, the scope of the market does not only cover certain region but also international. Some online business in Indonesia begins to spread its wing across the border of a nation. While dealing for a global business landscape, the importance of establishing a good and reliable financial transaction scheme is certainly important especially in building trust with associated customers. In order to meet the criteria, entrepreneurs need the support of a credible bank in conducting a transfer of funds that is safe, comfortable, and easy.

Seeing the importance of a reliable transaction for business, PT. Bank Central Asia Tbk (BCA) offered a solution regarding trading services, especially in conducting foreign exchange transactions. Through its Electronic Rate (e-Rate), BCA provides a real-time service which allows customers to carry a business transaction with a competitive rate as it follows the prevailing rate at the market. Interestingly, all the transactions can be conducted anywhere without the necessary to visit a BCA branch office, as long as the customers use the e-Banking such as ATM, Internet Banking, and BCA Mobile.

This service is certainly practical and save times for those who are really busy. Through the KlikBCA Bisnis, customers can conduct financial transactions and non-financial through their laptop or PC connected to internet. From a single computer device, customer can easily determine their financial information (balance, current account) and transfer funds (between BCA account, another domestic bank account, and outward remittance).

KlikBCA Bisnis also provide easy transfer of currency around the world in 14 currencies such as: USD, SGD, HKD, CHF, GBP, AUD, JPY, DKK, CAD, EUR, SAR , NZD, CNY and SEK. This services is certainly beneficial in conducing international business transaction. In addition to both flexibility and practicality, the transaction activity is secured with VPN (Virtual Private Network) and KeyBCA to make your business transaction secure.

E-rates certainly give extra value for business, especially those aiming for a bigger market expansion.