Enim Walmuri, a GrabBike partner in Jayapura, Papua, on his way to pick up a passenger. (Photo courtesy of Grab Indonesia)

Call Me Pace Ojek!

MARCH 19, 2019

Jakarta. "PaJek," that's what people call Enim Walmuri, a GrabBike partner from Jayapura, Papua, short for "Pace Ojek," or "Uncle Ojek."

Enim has been a motorcycle taxi driver, or ojek, since 2013, and became a GrabBike partner in August last year. He even has his own name card so his regular customers can call him whenever they need his services, whether it is to get from one place to another, order food for dinner or even groceries.

"I started calling myself PaJek, short for Pace Ojek, and the name caught on!" Enim said.

When Grab arrived as the first online transportation app in Jayapura in October 2017, Enim said he was thrilled.

"I was very happy when I found out Grab had arrived in Papua. As a local, I can proudly say that Papua is not far behind a capital city like Jakarta," he said.

Enim has now been a Grab partner for almost a year, and he said he is enjoying his job more and more, especially considering what he had to go through a year ago.

Not long after Grab officially entered Papua, Enim made up his mind to join as a partner. Unfortunately, around about the same time his mother was diagnosed with cancer and had to be taken to Jakarta for treatment for a few months.

That was one of the toughest periods in Enim's life, but he did not give up. While in Jakarta, he met and spoke with many Grab partners, listening to their stories and experiences to prepare himself to go through Grab's strict registration process.

He signed up with Grab as soon as he returned to Jayapura, and has been a partner ever since.

"I still remember getting the order for my first passenger. For me, it was quite unforgettable. I'm happy to be part of Grab, helping people feel safe when they use public transportation," Enim said.

Before joining Grab, Enim worked in Japan for three years. The soft-spoken man speaks Japanese fluently. He also worked as a newspaper deliveryman for 16 years in Jayapura, delivering copies of the Cendrawasih Pos.

He said he is now earning more money as a Grab partner, enough to take care of his small family, including his mother.

Enim's story is just one among many from Grab partners all over Indonesia. These hardworking men and women are the ones who are most responsible for turning the company into the leading "everyday super app" in eight countries in Southeast Asia.

Grab currently operates in 222 cities in Indonesia, and is continuously innovating its services to better meet the daily needs of its customers.